GMO Internet Group's Initiatives on SDGs

Since its foundation, GMO Internet Group has consistently provided Internet and service infrastructure under the corporate slogan "Internet for Everyone."

Internet has changed the way personal lives work by eliminating "information" boundaries, such as time and distance constraints, and society has become freer and more affluent.

GMO Internet Group agrees with sustainable development goals (SDGs) advocated by the United Nations and will contribute to society and the people, which have diversified, through the Internet technology and the Group's business activities to help solve the world's common challenges.

GMO Internet Group's Initiatives on SDGs

2. Zero hunger

GMO Internet Group has been driving the sustainable measures through foods with LEOC at GMO Yours, a communication space, at the group headquarter in Cerulean Tower and group's second headquarter in Shibuya FUKURAS.

Lunch menus offered at GMO Yours are reservation-only to reduce food waste. Besides that, in January 2021, GMO Internet Group and LEOC have launched a lunch menu for TABLE FOR TWO. In TABLE FOR TWO program, every time a meal that controls the calories to prevent obesity and lifestyle diseases is bought, a donation of JPY 20 per meal is used to pay for school meals of developing countries' children. GMO Internet Group actively strives to solve global issues through foods.

Initiatives on World Food Day 2021
Won the grand prize for the category of menus and drinks of the 2nd TABLE FOR TWO Awards!

3.Good Health and Well-Being

GMO Internet Group believes that the "health" of its partners (employees), both physically and mentally, is essential to the "happiness" of its stakeholders, and in October 2022, we made a "Health Management Declaration" to promote our health management initiatives.
Conducted workplace vaccination against COVID-19 (Japanese version only)
Completely free in-office fitness gym "GMO OLYMPIA"
Introduced "mederi for biz" low-dose pill medication support service (Japanese version only)
Recognized as one of the 2023 Excellent Corporations for Health & Productivity Management (Large Enterprise Category) (Japanese version only)

4.Quality education

GMO Internet Group provides information through conferences and raises talent that will play important roles in the next generation based on its accumulated know-how of the latest technologies. As a result, GMO Internet Group aims to contribute to the development of IT technologies in Japan and provide new values to society with new technologies.
Hosted the next generation online conference "BIT VALLEY” (Japanese version only)
Promoting the "Kids VALLEY Future Learning Project" to develop human resources with the necessary qualities and abilities for the next generation (Japanese version only)
Coeteco, a programming education for children, operated by GMO Media (Japanese only)
State-of-the-art tech conference GMO Developers Day (Japanese only)
Held "DevSecOpsThon at GMO kitaQ," the first infrastructure hackathon for students in Kitakyushu City (Japanese version only)
Held "Kids VALLEY Future Learning Project: Curriculum Development at Sasazuka Elementary School in Shibuya Ward". (Japanese version only)

5.Gender equality

Under the Venture Spirit Declaration, which embodies the spirit in which GMO Internet Group was founded, "We do not tolerate prejudice on the grounds of race, nationality, gender, educational background, language, religion, or any other factors." GMO Internet Group respects the diversity of the partners and has a work system that realizes a flexible way of working.
GMO Internet Group Venture Spirit Declaration

8.Decent work and economic growth

GMO Internet Group supports the economic growth by giving customers easy-to-use, secure services at a low price through in-house development of the various services of the Group with an aim to offer No. 1 services to our customers.
We will pursue hiring locals through regional or overseas offices. In addition, we are actively hiring handicapped people who are willing to work at a special subsidiary based on the Act on the Promotion of the Employment of Disabled Persons.

GMO Internet Group Venture Spirit Declaration
GMO Payment Gateway Selected "Great Place to Work" (Japanese version only)
GMO Pepabo Selected "Great Place to Work" (Japanese only)
Gathering the highest potential human resources in the new graduate generation "No.1 & STEAM-Human Resources Recruitment New Graduate Annual Income 7.1 Million Yen Program". (Japanese version only)
Institutionalized the "Expert System" to support outstanding developers who contribute to technical public relations activities. (Japanese version only)
Implementation of a "Job-Type Employment No. 1 Human Resource" system that allows employees to make the best use of their skills and experience. (Japanese version only)

9.Industry, innovation and infrastructure

GMO Internet Group comprehensively develops Internet Infrastructure, Online Advertising & Media, Internet Finance, and Cryptoassets businesses. The Group enriches customers' businesses and lives with technologies to create smiles and excitement.
GMO GlobalSign Holdings promotes electronic and paperless documents with E-contract service GMO Sign (Japanese version only)
GMO ReTech's GMO CHINTAI DX improving the efficiency of real estate leasing management (Japanese only)
GMO GlobalSign, GMO Cybersecurity by Ierae, and GMO BRAND SECURITY contribute to a safe and secure Internet with three types of security (Japanese version only)
Launched "Joint Research on Identification and Clinical Application of Human Senescent Cells Using Generative AI" with the Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo, Division of Cancer Cell Biology.
GPU server equipped with NVIDIA's latest GPU "NVIDIA H100 / NVIDIA L4", offered for the first time in Japan with "ConoHa VPS". (Japanese version only)

10.Reduced inequalities

GMO Internet Group is motivated to eliminate the digital divide, which is an inequality that occurs between people who can use information and communication technology (ICT) and those who cannot, by providing the "place" for the Internet. We want to eliminate inequality in the access to information by providing the "place" for the Internet that serves as a foundation for providing and gathering information, which translates into the reduction of various disparities that occur between people or countries.
GMO Dream Wave promotes employment of people with disabilities by acquiring certification as a special subsidiary company. (Japanese version only)

12.Responsible consumption and production

GMO Internet Group has been discouraging the use of seal impression since April 2020 and driving a shift to a paperless system through GMO GlobalSign HD's e-contract service GMO Sign.
GMO Internet Group is discouraging the use of plastic at the internal cafeteria with the aim of reducing the plastic waste that leads to marine pollution.
GMO Internet Group will protect various resources and reduce the emission of CO2 and wastes by making these efforts to be environmentally conscious, contributing to an increase in the sustainability of businesses and society.

GMO GlobalSign Holdings promotes electronic and paperless documents with E-contract service GMO Sign (Japanese version only)
Discouraging the use of plastic at the internal cafeteria (Japanese only)

13.Climate Action

We are working to protect the environment by going paperless through the widespread provision of our E-contract service "GMO Sign". This not only reduces the use of paper to zero, but also reduces CO2 emissions associated with the mailing of contracts, thereby contributing to the reduction of environmental burdens.
GMO GlobalSign Holdings Promotes Paperless Business with E-contract service "GMO Sign" (Japanese version only)

14.Life Below Water

Together with LEOC, which has obtained MSC CoC certification, a certification system for handling "Sustainable Seafood" at the distribution and processing stages, we are introducing "Sustainable Seafood" to our lunch menu at GMO Yours.
Through this initiative, we aim to protect the marine ecosystem and promote sustainable use of marine resources.

Introducing "Sustainable Seafood"on the Lunch Menu

16.Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

To fill people around the world with "smiles" and "excitement", We will contribute to the realization of a peaceful society where everyone can live in peace through a variety of Internet-based initiatives.
GMO Adam Sells "Emergency Humanitarian Charity NFT" for Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine (Japanese version only)
Permanent donation account set up to support victims of the earthquake in southeastern Turkey (Japanese version only)

GMO Internet Group will contribute to the achievement of SDGs through business activities.
We will provide the details of the activities through our blogs or services.