Corporate Profile

GMO Internet Group launched its Internet operation in 1995 when Japan was still at the dawn of the Internet.
Since the launch of Internet business, we had continued to put effort into impressing people by allowing them to be exposed to the Internet under the corporate slogan “Internet for Everyone.”
We will further expand our business without being satisfied with current situation, leading to a potential new business.

Summary of GMO Internet Group (As of 6/2018)

  • Publicly traded firms
    Group companies

  • Creators and engineers
    Group partners

  • Global development
    Overseas locations
    • Asia
      • Singapore
      • Vietnam
      • Malaysia
      • PRC
      • Hong Kong
      • Taiwan
      • Korea
      • Philippines
      • India
      • Thailand
      • Myanmar
      • Australia
      • Indonesia
      • UAE
      • Japan
    • Europe
      • UK
      • Belgium
      • Russia
    • USA
      • USA
  • Consolidated net sales in FY2017
    JPY 145B
    Operating profit in FY2017
    JPY 19B
    Net profit in FY2017
    JPY 8B

6 months to June, 2018 Consolidated Sales