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Hana Wakimoto

Professional golfer support

Golf is the oldest sport in human history that has enriched people's communication for more than 500 years.
We aim to be a corporate group that lasts more than hundred years and contribute our society with creating people’s smiles through supporting Hana Wakimoto who is also aiming to be No.1.

  • Hana Wakimoto


    Place of Birth
    Kobayashi city, Miyazaki prefecture
    Date of birth
    October 4, 1997
    Zodiac sign
    Blood type
    Type AB
    Favorite food
    Meet, Chocolate, Fried chicken with vinegar and tartar sauce, and Mango
    listening to music, watching western movies, golf, karaoke
    Golf career
    since the age of 8
    JLPGA profile
    To my fans
    As an athlete and a person, I will keep making my effort every day without forgetting politeness, honesty and morality and devote myself to becoming “No.1”professional golfer loved by around the world. Thank you for your support!