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Under the corporate slogan "Internet for Everyone" GMO Internet Group has been developing Internet businesses.
Internet gradually changed our values by not only providing information but also connecting people, changing the way of working and our lives, and allowing us to share our feelings.
The Internet continues to develop while creating new values.
However, our desires are still the same. We produced this movie to convey them.
[Japanese version only]

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GMO Internet Group Introduction PDF

GMO Internet Group's Overview and Business Description.

Group Introduction PDF PDF (1.4MB)

As of 9/2021

Our company through Manga - GMO Internet Group

To help everyone become more familiar with the GMO Internet Group's services, we decided to create the "Our company through Manga - GMO Internet Group" comic.

Editorial Supervision was overseen by Mr. Kenshi Hirokane, who is famous for authoring the "Shima Kosaku" manga series, and production was done by Hirokane Production Ltd..

Through this manga, we hope that everyone can understand a bit more about the GMO Internet Group.

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As of 9/2021

GMO ATHLETES through Manga

"GMO Athletes through Manga" is the second comic installation in the GMO Internet Group introduction series overseen by Mr. Kenshi Hirokane.

This comic explains why the GMO Internet Group supports sporting activities, why we formed a corporate long distance running team, and shares the previously unknown story about how GMO Athletes came to be.

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Mr. Kenshii Hirokane and GMO Internet Group CEO Masatoshi Kumagai