GMO Internet Group

Privacy Policy

At the GMO Internet Group, we take care to follow all regulations and gain society's trust by maintaining high moral standards and by engaging in fair business practices. Therefore, regarding the acquisition, usage, or handling of personal information of customers, GMO Internet Group will comply with not only the guidelines relating to personal information protection set forth by the government agencies or industry associations but also the laws and regulations relating to personal information protection. In order to gain our customers' trust, we at the GMO Internet Group cooperate with the distributors, industry associations, and administrative agencies relating to the businesses managed by group companies, and actively strive to protect our customers' personal information.

By having a system that effectively protects our customers' personal information, our goal as a group is to protect our services, our customers, and our partners (employees) and create smiles and inspire everyone involved as we continue to grow.

Privacy Policy of GMO Internet Group, Inc.

GMO Internet Group, Inc. (hereafter "we" or "our") recognizes the importance of protecting personal information in the operation of its Internet Infrastructure and Online Advertising and Media, Internet Securities and Mobile Entertainment businesses and the entire company adheres strictly to the following Privacy Policy.
We also cooperate with distributors, industry organizations and government agencies related to its Internet Infrastructure business Online Advertising & Media, Internet Securities and Mobile Entertainment businesses and seek to gain customer trust by taking an aggressive approach to protect personal information.

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