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Precautions when using stock quote information

The stock quote information on this site is provided by QUICK Corp. ("QUICK") and GMO CLICK Securities, Inc.
All rights, including copyrights, in this information are owned by QUICK, GMO CLICK Securities or its providers.
The information may not be stored, edited, processed, etc., made available to third parties or reproduced on any media other than the terminal on which the information is being viewed.
The Company, QUICK, GMO CLICK Securities or their providers shall not be liable for any errors in the Information, regardless of the cause.
The Information may be delayed or interrupted for technical reasons beyond our control.
The Information is subject to change without notice.

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Linking to Our Website

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We reserve the right to refuse link requests from the following types of sites.

  1. Sites that include slander about our products or services or that damage our reputation.
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  5. Sites that wrongly portray GMO as an affiliate or business partner, or imply that we agree with or support said website.

Even if a website does not fall under one of the categories above, we reserve the right to request the deletion of a link or a change in how the link is presented.
The URL of GMO's website may change without prior notice.

Links Out of Our Website

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