Business Operations

Internet for Everyone
Since the GMO Internet Group began its Internet related business in 1995, we have striven to offer services that make the internet easier to use, richer, and more enjoyable under our corporate slogan "Internet for Everyone." Our goal through these services is to create a new internet culture and industry, to inspire and bring smiles to the faces of our customers, and to contribute to both society and people everywhere.

Internet Infrastructure

Offer the foundation of the Internet to support people's lives and industries

A domain that is an address on the Internet; server to keep the data of homepage made by our customers; ecommerce solutions offering system required to operate online stores; payment required for a transaction on the Internet, such as online stores; and security to boost safety. We at the GMO Internet Group offer our customers these one-stop services required to run businesses on the Internet.

Online Advertising and Media

Convey, spread, and collect. Communicate through the Internet

In addition to operating point site, community site, and smartphone application, we offer a number of services that help customer acquisition required to run businesses on the Internet, such as advertisement services that solves – with ad technology - business issues faced by advertisers and online media, and SEO for homepage made by our customers to show up on the search at the top.

Internet Finance

Provide easy-to-use financial services through the Internet

In the Internet Finance business, we offer FX trading service with the world's largest trading volume and online security trading service including stock trading.
In addition, GMO Aozora Net Bank has launched business as a technology bank utilizing GMO Internet Group's concentrated strength.


New borderless currency

We operate cryptoassets (cryptocurrency) mining business that supports mining infrastructure of cryptoassets, and crypto asset trading bussiness that offers crypto asset trading service by leveraging our accumulated know-how in Internet Infrastructure and Internet Finance.