CEO's Message

Founder & Group CEO Masatoshi Kumagai

Enriching the Internet and making it easier to use

Since the GMO Internet Group began its internet related business in December 1995, we have striven to offer enriching and easy to use Internet related services under the motto “Internet for Everyone.”
Currently, we have Internet Infrastructure, Online Advertisement and Media, Internet Finance businesses, and Cryptoassets (Cryptocurrency) businesses.
In the Internet Infrastructure Segment, all products are No.1 market share in Japan and the number of contracts has exceeded 10 million as of March 2019.
Other than that, our group has No.1 annual FX (an OTC FX transaction) trading volume worldwide for the 7th consecutive year, and the number of customers increased in Japan and abroad.
We have also launched our next-generation Internet banking business GMO Aozora Net Bank on July 17, 2018 and begun new services collaborating with various Internet services inside and outside our group.
As a result, we have grown into a comprehensive Internet group made up of 102 group companies centered around 10 listed companies run by approximately 6,000 group partners.

Internet became social infrastructure

In 1994, I read an article on Nikkei Ryūtsū Shimbun (currently, Nikkei Marketing Journal) and discovered the Internet.
The moment I read the article, I strongly felt that Internet would change our lives and become social infrastructure, so I launched an Internet operation in December 1995, offering overwhelming services in terms of the specification and the price.
Although Japan was still at the dawn of the Internet industry then, in just 20 years, the Internet industry became an Internet infrastructure indispensable to our lives through the birth of mobile devices including smartphones in addition to technological evolution and the advancements in telecommunications environment.

Create smiles and excitement, and contribute to society and people

Currently, the world has been revolutionizing because of arrival of full-scale IoT age, automation utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), and economic activity that Cryptoassets brought about.
New, easier to use services that enrich our lives will be created one after the other through the integration of the Internet into various industries.
With cutting-edge technology and speedy management, we will create services of our own, which will allow us to provide No. 1 solutions and grow our customer base.
GMO Internet will continue to create smiles and excitement and will strive to contribute to society and people. We would like to ask for your continued support in our endeavors.

Founder and Group CEO

Masatoshi Kumagai

Updated: July 15, 2020