Office Environment


GMO Internet Group has an office environment rich in creativity in terms of ways to allow our partners to show their abilities, including welfare facilities such as GMO Yours (synergy café available 24 hours a day, every day), an internal nursery, and a massage service for relaxation.

Synergy café "GMO Yours"

Gathering the best people from all over the world to offer No. 1 services worldwide

GMO Yours (a synergy café) is a communication space to facilitate gatherings and communication between our partners.
We need the best people from all over the world to offer No. 1 services worldwide.
GMO Yours is aiming to become a place where new technologies and services are created through gathering various partners and allowing them to stimulate each other.

  • Available 24 hours a day, every day and all meals are available for free

    GMO Yours is available 24 hours a day, every day to meet the needs of our partners with various ways of working, such as those who communicate with people in overseas and those from customer support working at midnight. All drinks and meals, such as bread, snacks, and lunch buffets, are available for free.

    * Lunch is currently offered in the form of a lunch box to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infection.

  • Can also be used as an event space

    GMO Yours FUKURAS can be used as an event space by dividing the area. Under our corporate philosophy of "Enrich the Internet and make it fun," we rent out GMO Yours for free to the hosts of external events targeting engineers and creators working in the Internet industry if we see synergy with GMO Internet Group.

  • Facilitate communication

    In addition to the year-round birthday party, we hold events regularly to facilitate internal communication, such as cherry blossom viewings in spring and summer festivals.
    GMO Yours transforms into a bar on Friday nights. Draft beer, sake, wine, cocktails, and other alcoholic beverages and meals are available for free.

Fitness gym "GMO OLYMPIA"

A completely free full-scale fitness gym that promotes health and performance

GMO OLYMPIA has the latest machines for various purposes, from aerobic exercise to strength training, and partners can not only do full-scale training but also stretch during breaks to refresh their minds and hold meetings while exercising. It is a gym that can be used in various situations.

Fitness events are also held in the gym area, and GMO OLYMPIA shares the fun of exercise.

  • The lineup that meets various needs

    GMO OLYMPIA is fully equipped with various equipment: cross trainers for aerobic exercise; bikes; strength training equipment to train various parts of the muscle; and free weights. It also has stretch and fitness zones.
    In addition, training programs for each purpose are registered in each machine (i.e. intuitive operation), and anyone can easily and effectively train his/her muscles.

  • Machine reservation with face recognition

    Machines are reservation-only, and partners can use them systematically according to their schedules.
    In addition, we have developed and introduced a reservation system based on face recognition, so reservations do not require complicated operations.

  • Supports a comfortable training environment

    The gym area is always equipped with a freely available water dispenser and hot/cold towels.
    In addition, we have installed a fully customized vending machine, so partners can purchase beverages, foods, and amenities that are said to be effective for training.

Kids' room "GMO Bears"

A safe, No. 1 nursery in the world so that parents would be able to focus on their work

The internal nursery is able to keep babies who are 57 days old or above to create an office environment where parents would be able to focus on their work. We have towels and diapers at the internal nursery, so our partners do not need to bring anything other than a change of clothes, reducing the burden of a commute. Nursery teachers also change the sheets of the futon, which is time-consuming.

* In March 2021, the facilities and environment that met the same standards as licensed nurseries were recognized, and GMO Bears was reopened as a company-led childcare facility.

  • Fully equipped facilities support growth in daily life

    The rooms are equipped with Bears' infant toilet and hand-washing area. We also support the growth of children in their daily lives, such as hand-washing habits and toilet training.
    We also have a simple shower, so children can wash away their sweat after playing outside, and they can stay clean without worrying about dirt.

  • Serving lunch cooked in the lunchroom

    We serve lunch cooked in the Bears lunchroom. We prepare baby food and regular food that suits the age of the babies and according to allergies.

Massage & nap "GMO Bali Relax"

Relaxation space for partners

GMO Internet Group provides a massage space and a nap space (reservation is required) to allow our partners to focus on their work and show their abilities. At a massage space, we provide professional body care services at a low cost.

  • Professional body care services for relaxation

    GMO Bali Relax is a relaxation space for our partners at GMO Internet Group's first and second headquarters.
    Our partners can make a reservation (1 unit = 10 minutes) during office hours. We provide professional massage services at a low cost.

  • Clear the mind at nap space (reservation is required)

    They say a nap allows you to recover from fatigue and clear your mind.
    The company has prepared a nap space (reservation is required) for partners who want to clear their minds during office hours, which is available from 12 to 8 pm for up to 30 minutes.

Nap space "GMO Siesta"

A nap is recommended to enhance work efficiency and productivity

It is hoped that a short nap will help you recover from fatigue, leading to enhanced work efficiency and productivity.
At GMO Internet Group, a 20-minute nap is recommended to help our partners clear their minds and create ideas. GMO Internet Group has an environment to allow anyone to take a nap, opening up the conference room to our partners from 12:30 to 1:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

Concierge service "GMO Concierge"

Internal concierge accepting our partners' requests

We have a concierge desk within the office to realize an office environment where our partners can focus more on their work. It accepts a wide range of requests, such as searching and making reservations at restaurants for dinner with clients or social gatherings and arranging accommodation or purchasing tickets for business trips.

Art exhibition "GMO Gallery"

An office environment that stimulates creativity

Sensitivity and creativity create pioneering technologies and designs.
At the GMO Internet Group, conference room floors that are referred to as the GMO Gallery exhibit a mounting number of works of modern art collected by Group CEO Masatoshi Kumagai to offer an environment that stimulates our partners' creativity and enables them to have more sensitivity.
Offering a place where visitors can feel close to art will allow it to appeal to a wider audience. In addition, we are supporting the development of the art world.

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