Relationship with the Stakeholders

We will contribute to the development of a sustainable society and raise the overall corporate value by confirming the priority through communication with the company’s stakeholders and reflecting it in business operations.

Stakeholder Relationship with the Group Means of communication
Customer We offer number one services that make the customers happy, bring smiles and excitement to our many fans, and strive towards contributing to society and the people.
  • Contact point
  • website
  • SNS
Shareholders and investors We engage in corporate management practices that meet the expectations of shareholders and quickly provide fair, accurate, comprehensible corporate information, with the ultimate aim of building a company that is trusted by shareholders and investors.
  • General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Earnings presentation to investors
  • Meet individually in IR/SR activities
  • Shareholder correspondence
  • Website
Business partners GMO Internet Group builds excellent relations with business partners through the fair business dealings and works hard to expand the businesses of customers and the company.
  • Website
  • Communication through the business dealings
We make sure hard work is rewarded and want the partners of GMO to be proud of themselves, by preparing the workplace environment where fellow partners can actively perform their work and supporting the partners' social contribution activities.
  • Various training programs and systems
  • Seminars
  • Pulse survey
  • Internal and external helpline
  • Internal reporting system
  • Intranet
Community GMO Internet Group is partnering with local governments and regions where offices are located to work to solve social and environmental issues, for local revitalization, and to contribute to the realization of a sustainable community.
  • Dialogue and collaboration with local governments
  • Website
  • Educational partnerships with school organizations and Board of Education
  • Collaboration with facilities in the region

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