• 5 Gender equality
  • 8 Decent work and economic growth

※We refer to our employees as "partners" in our company.

The Group's mission is to help cultivate a new Internet culture and industry, to inspire customers and make them smile, and to make a contribution to society and all people based on our management philosophy of "Internet for Everyone."

In addition, the Venture Spirit Declaration, which embodies the spirit in which the company was founded, is included in the Articles of Incorporation to clarify the basic principles of the Group's business activities.

In this context, to gain the trust of and meet the expectations of our shareholders and creditors as well as our customers, business partners and employees, we place great importance on corporate governance. Our goal is to continually increase the company's corporate value as we improve the soundness and transparency of our management and strive to carry out swift management decision making and proper business operations.

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