Internet for Everyone

Corporate Philosophy

Venture Spirit Declaration

GMO Internet Group has inherited and accumulated entrepreneurship (the Declaration) since Internet business was established in 1995.

These are structured as GMO Internet Group's dreams, vision, and corporate philosophy and are stated clearly in Venture Spirit Declaration.

This Venture Spirit Declaration describes our dreams, our roles in society, and strategies to achieve our aims.

Under this Venture Spirit Declaration, all partners of the GMO Internet Group will continue to contribute to society.

  • Dream

    What are we committed to?

    To be the dominant No.1 in the Internet industry.

  • Vision

    How do we achieve success?

    Amidst the Digital and ICT revolution, we must concentrate our resources on developing Internet infrastructure that supports our products and services while bringing smiles and inspiration to our customers. As a result, we will achieve greater profits.

  • Philosophy

    Why do we exist?

    Our mission is to contribute to the society by enriching the Internet experiences, creating new Internet cultures and industries, and bringing smiles and inspiration to our customers.

  • Strategy

    We develop and offer all our services in-house.

    We provide No. 1 solutions that give happiness to people.

  • Policy of the organization

    Transparent management

    Technology-oriented - the organization where more than half of the partners is creative people

    The organization that respects partners and values diversity

  • 55-year plan

    GMO Internet Group has a long term plan we call the 55-year plan, which describes our quantitative goals.

    GMO Internet Group plans to make the Internet conglomerate that consists of 207 group companies and is helpful to society and its people by the year 2051 (55 years since the year 1996, a starting point).

Corporate Identity

Corporate Slogan

Corporate Logo

GMO Internet Group's corporate logo emphasizes "GMO" that is included in the company names of GMO Internet Group, Inc. and other Group companies, and employs colors that can provide a sense of familiarity and security so that wider range of customers may find the logo familiar.

Simple, steady, and stable design shows that GMO Internet Group is aiming to become No. 1 company that comprehensively develops world-class Internet services that are indispensable to society, supporting a Japanese Internet.

Sound logo and animated logo

GMO Internet Group – group song

Title:Internet for Everyone
Composer:Tetsuya Komuro

The GMO Internet Group has been putting effort into overseas business with the Group's global brand since 2015, and the number of group companies and group partners have been increasing worldwide.

Under such situation, with music as a common language, we produced the group song Internet for Everyone, which would make it possible for group partners worldwide to come together as one.

This music, the concept of which is the past, present, and future of GMO Internet Group, has been recorded in Hollywood, and the members who have been involved in the music that has been awarded Academy and Grammy Awards have joined an orchestra.

Global Brand is GMO Internet Group's global brand and is one of our global strategies.。 is a domain containing only one alphabet. Only six such domains exist in the world.

We adopt, which is one of the shortest domain names that are easy to remember, as a global brand since we believe that it is perfect to tell simply and clearly our group philosophy and management policy to the overseas customers. logo employs a red colour that indicates passion and victory, gets a lot of visibility, and provides a sense of familiarity.

Our intention is to tell directly the value that will offer to all customers in countries throughout the world, with a sharp and distinctive straight line of an alphabet Z and .com, a domain that symbolizes Internet.

We want to level up our brand and people worldwide to find it familiar through creating a simple logo.

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