2020 March 18 edition

GMO Internet Group
Venture Spirit Declaration

The word “venture" can have many different meanings. However, we, at GMO Internet Group, use the word "venture" to mean an organization that pushes forward towards its objectives without fear of risks and with innovative speed, insights, processes, and intellect to achieve "the wish = dream," which is to create an organization that is respected, supported by many fans, and brings smiles and excitement by providing innovative products and services, compared to traditional corporations.
We share Venture Spirit Declaration like a constitution or an oath, and each partner shows his/her originality based on this declaration.

The following is a declaration of the culture and approach that has evolved and grown since our “venture” was first established in 1995.
We are a "venture". Many venture businesses place emphasis on technological strength or management style; however, what distinguishes a true "venture" is a shared spirit among members. Traditional corporate management style is often heavily dependent on established theories and tends to overemphasize the importance of procedures, skills, and operating manuals. Similarly, it is often common to control partners with rewards and punishment as a basic principle based on the view that humans tend towards negligence.
However, we believe a company's most important resource is its people, who are creatures with feelings. Productivity can increase significantly depending on the person. Moreover, when operating in a team environment and harnessing group synergy, this difference could increase efficiency by dozens of times. With a common dynamic spirit, the group can achieve incredible feats. This is what distinguishes us as a true "venture" and where our innovative speed is derived from.
To all the members of the GMO Internet Group, let us grow together connecting people, companies, and society as a truly inspired group, exerting our skills and abilities to the fullest. Our spirit to be shared is as follows.

Our Dream
What are we committed to?

To be overwhelmingly “No.1” in the Internet industry.
To be happy, successful, and "No.1."
For us, happiness means having peace of mind and the satisfaction of achieving our goals.
For us, success means filling our lives with prosperity and fullness of heart, while creating smiles and excitement.
For us, being "No.1" is not something we measure against our competitors, but against ourselves to excel.

Internet for Everyone

We aim to achieve a balance between (1) health, spirit, and intellect, (2) social lives and family lives, and (3) financial goals. We have dreams for each of these areas.
Share professional dreams (=societal goals).
Our professional dream is to be "No.1."

How do we achieve success?

We focus our business resources on Internet infrastructure and service infrastructure, the "platform" for the Internet, amid the ongoing digital revolution, and generate significant benefits as a result of bringing smiles and excitement to our many fans.

Why are we here?

We aim to redefine the industry and foster a vibrant Internet culture. We believe in the importance of contributing to society and as a group, we continually seek to inspire enthusiasm in our customers and put smiles on their faces.

The Business Mind
Basic operating rules and principles (A)


  • We strive to be "No.1" in the Internet industry. We do not start a new undertaking unless we can be "No.1."
  • We, as a group, are comprised of individuals who share the same dream, vision, philosophy, business mind, and business objectives.
  • All the GMO Internet Group’s quantitative objectives are based on the 55-year plan.
  • Marketing activities are based on “the GMO Style Lanchester Strategy,” and we work towards objectives in line with “the 10 Points on Achieving Objectives.”
  • We recognize that industrial revolutions only take place once every few hundred years, and we are ready to seize the unique opportunities in the current digital revolution.
  • Remember our excitement when we first connected to the Internet.
  • Globally, we are paying attention. We deliver new technologies, values, and concepts that are convenient and easy to use for everyone.
  • Recognize that our mission in society is to expand the Internet and bring smiles and excitement to people.
  • All of our products and services should be superior to our competitors and be No.1 in terms of product specifications, pricing, and design.
  • Always think, do not repeat the same thing without questioning. When you stop questioning, you stop growing.
  • Enhancing our strengths and reinforcing our weaker segments with No.1 products.
  • Business is like a battle. Our strengths are our No.1 services and our pride. What we sell is experience, and we seek to expand our territory of smiling faces.
  • The new era of the Internet is an era of the empathy. We strive to be relatable as a company and as people.
  • Empathy arises from a combination of logic and feelings. It is important to be No.1 creative leaders as well as to create No.1 products.
  • Companies should make members, shareholders, customers, and all stakeholders happy. Smiling faces are our barometer.
  • We must offer the best hospitality to everyone we engage with, not only our customers.
  • Recognize that we have been presented with a great opportunity to achieve satisfaction, both materially and spiritually.
  • We do not tolerate prejudice on the grounds of race, nationality, gender, educational background, language, religion, or any other factors. We value people for their ability and merits.
  • To remain No.1, it is essential to maintain an environment and systems that nurture our engineers and creative professionals in order to cultivate technological expertise.
  • "Engineers" and "creative professionals" are great assets to our group. Respect their ability to create and develop new value.
  • Make everything absolutely cool and beautiful! Work smoothly!


  • Business always has a focal point, which we can describe as the center pin in a bowling game. We must aim for a maximum efficiency with minimum power.
  • Streamline the organizational structure. Focus on a key point. Business never ends. Focusing on a key point means that you don't do anything except tasks related to the point.
  • Be thorough with the following spirit:
    Proactive: A positive approach
    Cooperative: Working together
    Affirmative: Confidence in our potential
    Optimistic: Positive thinking, outlook
  • Prioritize tasks along the “urgent vs. important” and “revenue generating vs. cost saving" matrices.
  • Take initiative and be motivated.
  • We have been given life. Appreciate everything.
  • State conclusions first.
  • The GMO Internet Group is one big family. Be kind and considerate of our family, and call each other Group companies, partners, or members.
  • Ask for help when needed. When approached for help, offer whatever advice you can.
  • The GMO Internet Group’s partners have a positive outlook, sincere smiles, and confident voices. Let's make it more exciting with high tones at the end of the sentence.
  • Greetings make people smile. Greet customers and partners cheerfully. Be the No.1 Group in greetings as well.
  • Recognize the joy of being alive and of being appreciated by those around you.
  • Apologize sincerely whenever you become aware of a mistake or failure.
  • Difficulties are good opportunities for growth. Think of them as an opportunity and rise to the challenge.


  • The workplace is a place for professional development.
  • Comparison will give you ideas. Investigate, research, and learn; nothing is impossible.
  • Make sure your training is thorough.
  • Take notes. All data and information should be shared through the NASA SYSTEM, which is our internal portal.

The Business Mind
Basic operating rules and principles (B)


  • Objectives should:
    1. Include revenue targets, profit targets, and quantifiable actions based on the 55‑year plan. The target for the year 2051 is 10 trillion yen in revenue and 1 trillion yen in profits.
    2. Reflect the Venture Spirit Declaration.
    3. Consequently, we can make customers smile and impress them.
  • All of the Group’s members must set goals and work towards them.
  • Management is all about backward planning. Plan from objectives and end goals.
  • All goals have deadlines. Set deadlines to turn chores to tasks.
  • When setting deadlines, do not be ambiguous, e.g., by the end of the day or by the end of the week. Be precise, e.g., by time, day.
  • Monitor objectives using numerical standards. Check and report on progress every day.
  • Evaluations are not based on financial results but on achieving objectives and growth.
  • Accept responsibility for the outcome of your objectives whether they are achieved or not.


  • Cutting edge technology, values, and expertise are unconstrained by established ideas. These are critical operating tools.
  • Explain concisely in few words. Do not waste other people's time.
  • Catchphrases should be kept short. Use intuitive visuals and large fonts for presentations. (The title should be at least 36-point font and the body text should be at least 24-point font.)
  • Introduce the idea of the incentive game into every action.
  • Monitor our competitors every day. When competitors differentiate themselves in the marketplace, we must “meet (=match)” their efforts and dominate them within one day or two. This means that we must provide products that are superior, even slightly, to those of our competitors in terms of specifications and pricing. When it is not possible to "meet" our competitors' pricing and specifications by the next day, we must schedule the time for doing so.
  • Insights are available everywhere at the operational level, from improvements to advertising and website strategy, to feedback via customer complaints. When the reported figures are below expectations, we must go back to the operational level to make decisions.
  • Use Pirate Metrics (the AARRR model) to break down performance in terms of acquisition, activation, retention, referrals, and revenue for each service. Generate graphical and visual representations of figures in real time. Use graphs to plan improvements and conduct frequent evaluations using AB testing. Repeat this cycle continuously (PDCA). Increase the speed of improvement. If we improve 0.2% of our work every day, our work will improve by 200% a year later.
  • The compounding effect can be applied to various actions. For example, sales effort without referrals, or a one-time support without providing FAQ pages will result in a one-time customer. Let's grow exponentially by leveraging the compounding effect.
  • If you've done something, review and assess every action you take in a logical and quantitative manner (C as Check from PDCA). Then, reflect on the result for continuous improvement.
  • Do not rely just on your gut feelings, listen to your customers and partners. Make unbiased decisions based on quantitative data and survey results.
  • An even number of response choices in a survey must be provided always to clearly identify whether respondents agree or disagree. A free comment field is also required.
  • A potential market would be our target. Accumulate organizational theories and management expertise.
  • Research company processes and regulations that enable the organization to conduct its operations.
  • A meticulous organization is a strong organization.
  • When negotiating with a business partner, speak directly to the key persons, not through others.
  • During a meeting, decide and record (1) to-do items, (2) due dates, and (3) next meeting date, and send the minutes to members after the meeting. Improve efficiency by holding regular meetings and internal status meetings.
  • Review costs for each transaction slip. Do not rely solely on spreadsheets and financial reports.
  • Develop time management (prioritization) skills.
  • Develop and share efficient processes.
  • Take a shortcut to success by taking advantage of the group’s storehouse of management expertise. Learn the secrets of the “success bible.”
  • Maintain an efficient workplace by keeping your work area tidy. Everyone should maintain tidiness.

Believe in our potential

  • Embrace change. Everyone changes. Change begins with the mind.
  • We must have confidence in our own brand and products to gain the interest and trust of the public. Improve your communication skills.
  • We will never face a problem that we cannot overcome. We have never faced a 100 trillion-yen problem. The problems we face can always be solved with a little effort. A problem you cannot solve will never occur.
  • Combine ideas. New ideas are often just new combinations of existing concepts. A pencil with an eraser on its end is one of the greatest inventions in history.

Be Charismatic

  • Figures (Number of smiling faces) represent our popularity. We strive to build our fan base.
  • Cry, laugh, and express your feelings. Appreciate everything.
  • It is important to appreciate the achievement of each individual, team, company, and group goal.
  • Congratulate members when they achieve their goals.
  • Be courteous and polite. Courtesy begins with actions and is communicated to the mind. Be thorough with your greetings and manner of speaking.

Let's make history together by sharing this venture spirit declaration!