Diversity & Inclusion


At the GMO Internet Group, we hire new partners through local regional and overseas offices. In addition, we are actively hiring people with disabilties who are willing to work at a special subsidiary based on the Act on the Promotion of the Employment of Disabled Persons.

Hiring at local and overseas offices

The GMO Internet Group has businesses at a total of 55 locations in 20 countries and hires skilled individuals needed for each, including at the Shibuya, Tokyo offices.

* As of 12/2023, excluding domestic offices.

Hiring individuals with disabilties

GMO Dream Wave Inc. (Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture / “GMO-DW”) was established as a member of GMO Internet Group to create a workplace environment that allows employees to work enthusiastically and qualified as a special subsidiary company based on the “Act for Promotion of Employment of Persons with Disabilities”. GMO-DW is also qualified as a “Part2 Proper Business Operator (Employment of Persons with Disabilities) Authorization” made by Japan Employment Environment Improvement Organization.

Through GMO-DW, we are working to further create employment for persons with disabilities.

GMO Internet Group accepts a diverse range of human resources and are working to achieve the legal employment rate stipulated by “Act for Promotion of Employment of Persons with Disabilities” by expanding opportunities for them to play an active role and promoting the creation of a comfortable working environment.

GMO Internet Group provides a workplace where everyone can shine and flourish, including partners with disabilities.

一般社団法人日本雇用環境整備機構 JapanEmploymentEnvironmentImprovementOrganization
Number of employees with disabilities FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 As of March 31, 2023
GMO Internet Group, Inc. 42 46 52 53
GMO Dream Wave Inc.
(included in the above measure)
27 31 33 34

GMO Dream Wave Inc. introduction video [Japanese version only]

Support childcare and long-term care while working

GMO Internet Group has an internal nursery that can be used temporarily and offers childcare consultation services.

GMO Internet Group set up the system to provide multiple types of support related to childbirth, childcare, and long-term care, such as various holidays, gift money, internal nursery, or subsidies for babysitters, with an aim to provide a good environment for fellow partners to carry out their activities, while parenting children or caring for families in long-term care. (* System depends on the company.)

  • Childbirth and childcare

    • Pregnant female partners have time to see a doctor
    • Consideration for the pregnant female partners, allowing them to work from home
    • Maternity leave
    • Partners can take leave to attend the childbirth of their spouses
    • Gift money for childbirth (regular workers only)
    • Childbirth allowance (from Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Union)
    • Additional monies and lump-sum allowance for childbirth and childcare (from Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Union)
    • Childcare leave
    • Short-time working for childcare
    • Childcare leave benefits (from Public Employment Security Offices)
    • Time off for sick/injured childcare
    • Partners can take leave to attend the school events until their children are junior high school students
    • Gift money for entry to school (regular workers only)
    • Internal nursery GMO Bears
    • Babysitter service (subsidies)


    Long-term care

    • Short-time working for long-term care
    • Nursing care leave

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