During office hours

  • You will need a guest card to go further inside. The guest card–issuing machines are located right in front of the entrance to the lobby.

  • Follow the directions on the display to get the guest card issued.
    The General Reception Desk is common for the entire GMO Internet Group.
    The following information is required for the issuance of the card.

    • Name of the company you are visiting (GMO Internet Group, Inc.)
    • Name of your company
    • Your name
  • After you get the guest card issued, go through the security gate by holding your guest card close to the card reader to open the gate. Take the elevator to the eleventh floor, where the General Reception Desk is located.

Returning the guest card when you leave

  • A card return slot is located on the security gate. Insert your card in the slot.

  • Return the card holder by putting it in this box.