CSR / Sustainability

Sustainability Basic Policy

Since its founding, GMO Internet Group has consistently focused its business resources on Internet infrastructure and service infrastructure, the "place" for the Internet, under the corporate slogan “Internet for Everyone.”

GMO Internet Group believes running a business that provides infrastructure and staying in business will further resolve social issues. GMO Internet Group will create new Internet culture and industry, smiles, and excitement,
and contribute to a sustainable society.

熊谷 正寿

Top Message

We believe "Companies should make members, shareholders, customers, and all stakeholders happy." We satisfy our customers and bring joy to partners through our No. 1 services. The idea is that creating such an ongoing cycle of smiling faces is significant.

Since its founding, GMO Internet Group has consistently provided Internet infrastructure and service infrastructure, which are indispensable services that do not disappear, under the corporate slogan “Internet for Everyone.” We will strive towards contributing to the sustainable society by offering our No. 1 services that satisfy our customers most, aiming to become the business group that achieves hundreds of years of sustainable growth.

Founder, Chairman and Group CEO

Masatoshi Kumagai

Sustainability Management Framework

GMO Internet Group has established Sustainability Promotion Committee to fulfill its social responsibilities and contribute to a sustainable society. Founder, Chairman and Group CEO is the chairman, and Director, Executive Vice President and Group CFO is the executive in charge of sustainability. Sustainability Promotion Committee partners with group companies (sustainability promotion divisions, corporate divisions, business segments), promotes efforts related to sustainability and presents recommendations to the Board of Directors and at a management meeting if necessary.

Overview of Sustainability

We promote management that properly tackles the issues of ESG and SDGs, minimize the risk of business, and expand the business opportunities, thereby ensuring a sustainable increase in corporate value. We are currently considering our materiality, etc., and will disclose the details going forward.

Initiatives related to sustainability

GMO Internet Group is promoting the measures related to the concept of sustainability, which includes ESG and SDGs.


GMO Internet will improve the integrity and transparency in management to meet the needs of and be trusted by everyone including shareholders, creditors, customers, and partners (employees), and put effort into quick decision making and fair operation to continually increase corporate value.

  • Sports Support Activities

    "Just seeing a devoted athlete moves us and encourages us."

    We support and sponsor various sporting acitvities to create smiles and excitement.

With Partners

GMO Internet Group has grown thanks to the support from our partners.
Therefore, with full line-up of support system, GMO Internet is putting effort into creating the process to gather advanced partners from all over the world, and focusing on realizing an office environment where everyone can feel comfortable and show his/her ability.