Board of Directors


  • Founder, Chairman and Group CEO

    Masatoshi Kumagai

  • Director
    Executive Vice President and Group CFO
    Deputy to Group CEO

    Masashi Yasuda

    Head of Group Management Division

  • Director
    Executive Vice President and Group COO
    Deputy to Group CEO

    Hiroyuki Nishiyama

    Head of Group Human Resources Development Division

  • Director
    Executive Vice President

    Issei Ainoura

    Head of Group Payment Processing Division,
    President and Representative Director of GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.

  • Director
    Executive Vice President

    Tadashi Ito

    Head of Group Infrastructure Division,
    Head of HQ Business,
    Head of Cryptoassets Mining Business

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Audit and Supervisory Committee Member

  • Directors

    Hideyuki Matsui

    Audit and Supervisory Committee Member

  • Director (independent director)

    Keigo Ogura

    Audit Committee Member

  • Director (independent director)

    Takashi Gunjikake

    Audit Committee Member
    (Certified Tax Accountant)

  • Director (independent director)

    Kaname Masuda

    Audit Committee Member
    (Attorney at Law)

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Group Executive Officer

  • Executive Vice President

    Hirofumi Yamashita

    Head of Group Systems Division,
    General Manager of Systems Division

  • Group Senior Managing Executive Officer (Certified Tax Accountant)

    Katsumi Arisawa

    Head of Group Financial Department,
    General Manager of Group Global Business Development Office,
    General Manager of HQ Businesses Administration Division

  • Group Senior Managing Executive Officer

    Toshiaki Horiuchi

    Head of Group Engineer Recruitment and Technology Public Relations,
    Head of Innovation and Technology Systems Division

  • Group Managing Executive Officer (C.P.A.)

    Teruhiro Arai

    Head of Group Investment Strategy
    Friend Maker

  • Group Managing Executive Officer

    Yasuo Hayashi

    General Manager of Internet Provider Business Division

  • Group Managing Executive Officer

    Kimihiro Kodama

    General Manager of Domain and Hosting Business Division

  • Group Managing Executive Officer
    Group CBO (Chief Branding Officer)

    Makoto Hashiguchi

    Head of Group Advertisement Division,
    Head of Group Brand, Public Relations and Facilities,
    President and CEO of GMO AD Partners Inc.

  • Group Executive Officer

    Ichiro Chujo

    Head of Encryption Security,
    President and Representative Director of GMO GlobalSign K.K.

  • Group Executive Officer

    Takehito Kaneko

    Chairman and Representative Director of GMO Aozora Net Bank, Ltd.

  • Group Executive Officer (Certified Tax Accountant)

    Noriko Inagaki

    General Manager of Group Financial Department

  • Group Executive Officer (Attorney at Law)

    Yuki Kawasaki

    General Manager of Group Legal Department

  • Group Executive Officer

    Kentaro Sato

    President and Representative Director of GMO Pepabo, Inc

  • Group Executive Officer

    Tomitaka Ishimura

    Director, Representative Executive Officer, President and COO of GMO Financial Holdings, Inc.

  • Group Executive Officer

    Tomohiro Uchida

    General Manager of Group Investment Strategy Office,
    President and CEO of GMO AI & Web3, Inc.

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  • Group CISO

    Makoto Makita

    Group Security Auditing Office, Head of Technology and Security,
    Group CISO(Chief Information Security Officer),
    President and CEO of GMO Cybersecurity by Ierae, Inc.

AI Advisor

  • Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo

    Yutaka Matsuo

    Received Ph.D. degrees from the University of Tokyo.
    President, Japan Deep Learning Association (JDLA)
    External Board Director, SoftBank Group Corp.
    Member, Council of New Form of Capitalism Realization, Prime Minister’s Office
    Chairperson, AI Strategy Council, Cabinet Office

Technology Advisor

  • Japan Android Group, Honorary chairman
    Marulec+MaruLabo, representativ

    Fujio Maruyama

    Born in Odate City, Akita Prefecture. Graduated from Tokyo University, Education Faculty. Doctorate in Social Science Research, Hitotsubashi University, Wakkanai Hokusei Gakuen University, Professor. Wakkanai Hokusei Gakuen University, first president. Waseda University, Information Production Systems Research, Professor
    Doctorate in Social Science Research, Hitotsubashi University
    Future University Hakodate, Information Faculty Professor (Special Appointment)
    Japan Java Users Group, Founding Chairman. Japan Android Group, Founding Chairman. Cloud Research, representative

  • Professor, Kyoto University

    Kazuyuki Shudo

    He is a Professor of computer science at Kyoto University. After he received a Ph.D. degree in computer science from Waseda University, he served as a Research Associate at Waseda University, a Research Scientist at National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), a Director, Chief Technology Officer at Utagoe Inc., and the current position since April 2022.

Special Advisor

  • Doctor
    Doctor of Medical Science

    Hideyuki Negoro

    Associate professor at the Harvard University Medical Faculty, University of Paris Medical Faculty, and University of Milan, Board Member and Professor at the Graduate School of Project Design.
    Affiliation andAdvisory Roles
    Internal Medicine Specialist - Japanese Society of Internal Medicine, Advisor - Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine, Advisor on Japan - American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Advisor - Tokyo Marine Nichido, Advisor - Dentsu.

    Doctor Negoro’s specializations include internal medicine, anti-aging medicine, gene therapy,longevity gene therapy, and aesthetic internal medicine. Conducting research at 5 universities worldwide, Doctor Negoro is active in world leading clinical research and medical training. He is also the author of several best-selling books including Shintai Kakumei - Sekai Saisentan Anti-Aging Hosoku (The Body Revolution - World Leading Antiaging Techniques) and Netteiru Uchi ni Byoki ni Naranai Karada wo Tsukuru Hon (Building defense against sickness while you sleep), both published by Kadogawa Marketing.

  • Solicitor

    Masakazu Iwakura

    April 1987 Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association registration Joined Nishimura Law Office (now Nishimura & Partners).April 2004 Professor, Law Faculty, Hitotsubashi University.April 2006 Professor, Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, Hitotsubashi University.June 2011 Appointed External Auditor, Imperial Hotel.

  • International Christian University Distinguished Professor

    Motohide Yoshikawa

    Graduated from College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University (ICU)
    Joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1974.
    After working in Spain, Argentina, the UK, the OECD (Paris), Thailand, and the UN (NY), he served as Director General of the Middle East and Africa Bureau, Ambassador to Spain, Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Ambassador to the OECD, and Ambassador to the UN.
    Retired in 2016; ICU Distinguished Professor since 2017.
    Decorated by Spain, Argentina, Morocco, and Mongolia.
    Besides Japanese, he speaks English, French, and Spanish.