Director Audit and Supervisory Committee Member

Takashi Gunjikake

Certified Public Tax Accountant

Apr 1967 Joined Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau (Official, Ministry of Finance)
Jul 1996 Deputy District Director of Kamakura Tax Office
Jul 2003 Chief Examiner, Second Large Enterprise Examination Department of Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau
Jul 2004 Director, Second Information and Examination Division, Second Taxation Department of Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau
Jul 2005 District Director of Kanagawa Tax Office
Aug 2007 Registered as a certified tax accountant
Aug 2007 Established Takashi Gunjikake Tax Accountant Office
Mar 2012 Auditor of GMO Internet, Inc.
Mar 2016 Board of Directors Audit Committee of GMO Internet, Inc. (current position)
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