Corporate History

Revenue trends


  • May, 2024Company name change

    GMO Research, Inc. changes its name to GMO Research & AI, Inc.

  • Apr, 2024Major Investment

    Received approval from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for its plans for ensuring a stable supply of Cloud Programs, and announced the fastest provision of GPU cloud services in Japan using 'NVIDIA H200 GPU'.

  • Apr, 2024New Leadership

    Mr. Koichi Ito becomes the new head coach of GMO INTERNET GROUP RUNNING TEAM.

  • Apr, 2024Initial Launch

    "GMO GLOBAL STUDIO" is used for the first time to hold a VFX initiation ceremony for a new era.

  • Mar, 2024Certification

    Recognized for the second consecutive year as a Corporation for Excellence in Health Management 2024 (Large Corporation Category) .

  • Mar, 2024Awarded

    GMO Internet Group, Inc. received the "Fukuoka Prefecture Kitakyushu City Kokurakita Ward Community Contribution Company/Organization Award"

  • Mar, 2024New Opening

    Official opening of the hybrid event space "GMO GLOBAL STUDIO"

  • Feb, 2024Certification

    Certified as a "Tokyo Sports Promotion Model Company (Sports Practice Category)" by "Tokyo Sports Promotion Companies"

  • Feb, 2024Group Join

    Cybersecurity startup Flatt Security Inc. joins the group

  • Feb, 2024New Service Launch

    GMO Payment Gateway, Inc., GMO Payment Service, Inc., and Sumitomo Mitsui Card Company, Limited release a new BNPL service "ATOKARA"

  • Feb, 2024Reskilling Initiative Launch

    Launch of the AI talent development program "TORANOANA" for all non-engineer group partners

  • Jan, 2024Certification

    GMO Internet Group certified as "Sports Yell Company 2024" by the Japan Sports Agency

  • Jan, 2024Establishment

    Establishment of the cyber attack defense and analysis center "GMO Ierae SOC Yoga" at GMO Internet TOWER


  • Dec, 2023Award

    Masatoshi Kumagai, Representative Director and Group Representative of GMO Internet Group, receives his second "Konjuhosho*" medal for contributions to the development of the Tōmi city, Nagano prefecture *A system of government rewards awarded to those who donate private funds for the public good.

  • Dec, 2023Certification

    GMO Internet Group certified as "Tokyo Metropolitan Sports Promotion Company"

  • Nov, 2023Group Join

    Japan Research Activity Support, Inc., engaged in data analysis for medical and pharmaceutical research, joins the group; changes its corporate name to GMO Research Activity Support & Technology, Inc. on December

  • Nov, 2023First in Japan Service Launch

    GMO Internet Group, Inc. starts the first domestic service of GPU servers equipped with NVIDIA's latest GPUs "NVIDIA H100 / NVIDIA L4" on "ConoHa VPS"

  • Nov, 2023Agreement & Corporation Establishment

    GMO Internet Group, Inc. signs a basic agreement with Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, on digitalization of the city; establishes the joint venture Mongolia LLC in January, 2024

  • Nov, 2023First AI Event Launched

    GMO AI Meet Up 2023, Japan's largest AI meetup, has been held for the first time, with 1700 people attending both in person and online.

  • Nov, 2023New Company Established

    To make AI accessible to everyone, GMO Oshiete AI, Inc. has been established, and a new service, the generative AI prompt portal "Oshiete.AI byGMO," has been launched.

  • Oct, 2023Support to University

    Supported the renovation of Kazuyuki Shudo's laboratory in the Academic Information Media Center at Kyoto University, focusing on the use of large-scale data.

  • Oct, 2023Joined the Japan Deep Learning Association

    GMO Internet Group, Inc. joined the Japan Deep Learning Association. In September of the same year, GMO Media, Inc. also joined.

  • Oct, 2023Event Participation

    Participated in the "Internet Governance Forum Kyoto 2023" hosted by the United Nations. Over 60 countries and regions visited our booth.

  • Oct, 2023Joint Research Initiated

    Started joint research with the Makoto Nakanishi Laboratory at the Institute of Medical Science, the University of Tokyo, on "Generative AI Applications in Identifying Human Aging Cells and Clinical Applications."

  • Sep, 2023Strengthening Group Synergy

    Began incorporating the security diagnostic features provided by GMO Cybersecurity by Ierae, Inc. into the internet infrastructure services provided by group companies.

  • Sep, 2023Advisory Appointment

    A leading AI researcher, Professor Yutaka Matsuo of the graduate school of the University of Tokyo, has been appointed as an advisor to GMO Internet Group, Inc.

  • Sep, 2023Testing Begins

    Launched the original "GMO AI Passport" test to evaluate the AI literacy of all partners, with the goal of "AI humanization" of all partners. This was preceded by implementing AI tests for mid-career hiring.

  • Sep, 2023Merger

    GMO Coin, Inc. merged with and absorbed FX PRIME by GMO Corporation.

  • Jul, 2023Renewal

    "Banksy Exhibition GMO digital art museum in Shibuya Tokyo" has been renewed as an immersive exhibition!

  • Jul, 2023Opening Event Held

    “GMO LIVE" started at GMO Internet TOWER and Tetsuya Komuro played the piano live at the opening event.

  • Jul, 2023Company name change

    Gaika ex byGMO, Inc. changed its company name to GMO Gaika, Inc.

  • Jun, 2023Acceleration of AI utilization

    Began efforts to become the "No.1 AI Application Corporate Group

  • Jun, 2023New Service

    GMO GlobalSign Holdings, K.K. launches "GMO Sign e-Delivery" to promote DX in public offices and municipalities.

  • May, 2023Company name change

    GMO Web3, Inc. changed its company name to GMO AI & Web3, Inc. and expanded its support to AI startups.

  • May, 2023"Gold Partner" certification

    NPO TABLE FOR TWO International recognized GMO Internet Group as a "Gold Partner" for its support in 2022.

  • Apr, 2023Total number of visitors to GMO digital art museum surpasses 30,000

    "Banksy Exhibition GMO digital art museum in Shibuya Tokyo" surpassed 30,000 visitors since its opening in September 2021.

  • Apr, 2023Contest launch

    Launched the "AI SHIAOUZE! (Let's AI together with love) ChatGPT Business Utilization Contest" with over 10 million yen in total prize money, open to all partners.

  • Apr, 2023First class at a university

    GMO Internet Group,Inc. announced that it would be teaching a lecture course on "Technologies Supporting Internet Services" at Kyushu University starting from June 2023.

  • Apr, 2023Joined the Athletics Department

    World Championship silver medalist Jacob Krop became a member of the GMO Internet Group's Track & Field Club.

  • Apr, 2023Opening announced

    Announcement of the establishment of "GMO GLOBAL STUDIO," a hybrid event space.

  • Apr, 2023Store opening

    The 'Museum Shop ONLINE by GMO digital art museum' was launched, offering online purchase of art merchandise from the 'Banksy Exhibition GMO digital art museum Shibuya Tokyo.

  • Mar, 2023Start of service provision

    GMO Internet Group began providing a series of AI-based services in conjunction with the release of the ChatGPT API.

  • Mar, 2023Company name change

    GMO Kumapon,Inc. changed its name to GMO Beauty,Inc.

  • Mar, 2023Launch of New Service

    GMO Cyber Security by Ierae, Inc. launched "GMO Cyber Attack Net de Diagnosis," a new service that allows users to easily perform security health checks on websites and servers by simply registering domain names.

  • Mar, 2023Japan's First Demonstration Flight

    Participated in Japan's first manned demonstration flight of a 'flying car' in an outdoor space requiring government approval. Group CEO Masatoshi Kumagai served as the pilot.

  • Mar, 2023Initiation of Business Utilization

    GMO Internet Group initiated the use of ChatGPT in business operations.

  • Mar, 2023Recognized as a Certified Corporation for Excellence in Health Management 2023 (Large Corporation Category)

    GMO Internet Group, Inc. was certified as a Corporation for Excellence in Health Management 2023 (Large Corporation Category), a designation jointly awarded by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Japan Health Council.

  • Mar, 2023Entry into a New Sector

    GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. entered the 'Digital Payroll Payment' sector, which was deregulated in April 2023.

  • Feb, 2023Establishment of a Permanent Fundraising Account

    On February 24, 2023, GMO Internet Group opened a permanent fundraising account. It started accepting donations to assist those affected by the earthquake that struck southeastern Turkey on February 6, 2023 (JST).

  • Feb, 2023Return to Predominantly In-Person Work

    GMO Internet Group has entirely lifted its COVID-19 countermeasures. The policy encouraging two days of remote work per week has been discontinued, marking the return to a predominantly in-person working model.

  • Feb, 2023Establishment

    Shibuya City, Tokyu Corporation, Tokyu Land Corporation, and GMO Internet Group established "Shibuya Startups, Inc." to create and nurture an international startup community in Shibuya.

  • Feb, 2023Complete elimination of COVID-19 measures

    The group completely abolished the measures against COVID-19, such as the installation of internal partitions and behavior restrictions for partners. At the same time, regarding the wearing of masks, the policy changed to voluntary wearing anywhere, regardless of the presence or absence of partitions.

  • Jan, 2023Held an event

    GMO Internet Group held the first large-scale music festival "GMO SONIC 2023" to support youth culture. The number of participants was 50,000.

  • Jan, 2023Held an event

    GMO Internet Group held "GMO Shibuya FUTURE 2023 - GMO SONIC Warm Up -," a tech-themed exchange event at "GMO Yours FUKURAS," the second headquarters of the group in Shibuya, Tokyo, welcoming special guests such as Steve Aoki and Hiroyuki.


  • Nov, 2022Support for the "HOT JAPAN with JO1 Project"

    GMO Internet Group supported the "HOT JAPAN with JO1 Project." As part of our efforts, we launched the high-speed Internet service "JO1 Hikari powered byGMO Hikari Access."

  • Oct, 2022Awarded

    GMO Internet Group received the "Excellence Award" at Shibuya Sustainable Awards 2022. As part of our efforts to contribute to the creation of a sustainable community as a whole group, we participated in the Shibuya City Cleaning Day, carried out our own cleanup activity, eliminated plastic at the communication space "GMO Yours," and reduced food loss.

  • Oct, 2022Opened a museum store

    The GMO digital art museum store opened on Oct. 12 next to the Banksy Exhibition GMO digital art museum Shibuya Tokyo.

  • Oct, 2022Men’s long-distance running team of GMO Internet Group significantly strengthened

    Suguru Osako, a professional runner, joined the men's long-distance running team of GMO Internet Group as a Playing Director.

  • Sep, 2022ENGINE, Inc. was acquired and joined GMO Internet Group consolidated companies

    ENGINE, Inc. (currently, GMO ENGINE, Inc.), a comprehensive content company focused on the planning and production of videos and advertisements, joined the group.

  • Sep, 2022Declaration of relaxation of COVID-19 control measures

    The "COVID-19 Measures Relaxation Declaration" was announced, and the measures against COVID-19 were gradually eased starting from Sep. 20. As the first initiative, the wearing of masks in the office, which had been mandatory until then, was changed to "optional."

  • Sep, 2022Changing the company name

    GMO Internet changed its name to GMO Internet Group.

  • Aug, 2022Recognition

    GMO Cybersecurity by Ierae, Inc. is recognized by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) - a global forum that develops, manages, educates, and recognizes PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which is a global standard to protect credit card payment data - as a PCI Forensic Investigator (PFI) that handles a cardholder data compromise.

  • Jul, 2022Entering a new business

    GMO NIKKO has launched GMO Metaverse Lab, which investigates and analyzes various Web3-related services utilizing metaverse technology and blockchain technology and provides new business support, to enter the metaverse business.

  • Jul, 2022Entering a new business

    GMO Internet (currently, GMO Internet Group) partners with Unstoppable Domains, the U.S. provider of NFT domains, and has launched CryptoName byGMO, which is NFT domain introduction and registration services, entering the NFT domain business.

  • Jul, 2022Held an event

    GMO Internet Group holds “GMO LIVE from GMO Internet TOWER,” a piano concert (free entry), at the GMO Internet TOWER (official name is Setagaya Business Square; location is Yoga, Setagaya City, Tokyo). Keichan and Miyaken, who are popular pianists, appear in the concert.

  • Jul, 2022Launched a website

    GMO Internet Group launched Entrepreneur Navi byGMO, a portal to comprehensively support entrepreneurs.

  • Jul, 2022Launched a new fund

    GMO VenturePartners has launched the GMO Fintech Fund 7 LP, its seventh fund, with major financial institutions and others, and the interim closing of 11.3 billion yen.

  • Jul, 2022Launched a fitness gym

    GMO Internet Group launched GMO OLYMPIA, a completely free fitness gym inside the office, at its second headquarter in Shibuya FUKURAS.

  • Jul, 2022Elected for the 8th consecutive time

    GMO Payment Gateway was recognized as a fulfilling workplace by the Great Place to Work® Institute Japan in the “Great Place to Work” July 2022 survey for the 8th consecutive time.

  • Jun, 2022New company established

    GMO Internet (currently, GMO Internet Group) establishes a hands-on corporate venture capital GMO Web3, Inc. that specializes in supporting Web3 startups.

  • Jun, 2022Ran a booth of the maximum scale

    GMO Internet Group was a top sponsor of Japan Drone 2022, the largest exhibition of eVTOL (flying car) and drones in Japan, which was held at Makuhari Messe from June 21 to 23, running a booth of the maximum scale.

  • Jun, 2022Established the US subsidiary

    GMO Research launched the US subsidiary Research USA, Inc., the 6th global office.

  • Jun, 2022Entered into a basic agreement

    Sumitomo Mitsui Card, GMO Payment Gateway, and GMO Payment Service entered into a basic agreement on a business alliance in the Buy Now Pay Later. Started to consider offering a new service.

  • May, 2022Comply with GDPR

    GMO Adam's NFT marketplace Adam byGMO complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union (EU) and the UK. Now available in GDPR's target countries in Europe.

  • May, 2022Adopted as AIP Acceleration Research

    Strategic Basic Research Programs of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) adopted the "Stretchable Smart Devices Using Machine Learning" - a joint research conducted by Ota Laboratory of Yokohama National University and Pepabo R&D Institute, which is a research and development organization of GMO Pepabo - as AIP Acceleration Research.

  • May, 2022Sponsor

    GMO Cybersecurity by Ierae is a top sponsor of Japan’s leading security international conference “CODE BLUE 2022”.

  • May, 2022Changing company name

    GMO Brights Consulting changed its name to GMO BRAND SECURITY Inc.

  • Apr, 2022Changed the secondary name of the station

    GMO Internet Group has set up a sign "In Front of GMO Internet TOWER", a secondary name of the Yoga station (on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line), which is a railway station nearest to GMO Internet TOWER, a secondary name of Setagaya Business Square, which is a high-rise composite building. The secondary name is announced when approaching the Yoga station on the trains which belong to Tokyu Corporation traveling on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line.

  • Apr, 2022Awarded

    Kurumi Kikuno, an art director of GMO NIKKO Inc., won the highest award for the category of "Submissions from the public: advertisers’ topics" at the 89th Mainichi Advertisement Design Competition.

  • Apr, 2022 Art museum reopened after renovation

    The world's smallest art museum @ GMO digital HACHIKO that GMO Internet Group opened in September 2021 changed its name to “Banksy Exhibition GMO digital art museum Shibuya Tokyo” and reopened after renovation.

  • Apr, 2022Awarded

    Masatoshi Kumagai, who is the Founder, Chairman and Group CEO of the GMO Internet, has donated his wealth with the aim of further enhancing and supporting Tōmi City, Nagano Prefecture, and received the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon.

  • Apr, 2022First victory in Japan

    Female professional golfer Hana Wakimoto of GMO Internet Group achieved her first victory in Japan at Hanasaka Ladies Yanmar Golf Tournament, which is the JLPGA Step Up Tour.

  • Apr, 2022Sponsor for the 2nd consecutive year

    GMO Internet Group is a diamond sponsor of CODEGYM Academy, a project that offers programming education for students for free during the pandemic, for the 2nd consecutive year.

  • Apr, 2022Long-distance running team's new system

    Tadayoshi Kametaka has assumed the new head coach of a men's long-distance running team of GMO Internet Group. Susumu Hara, who has a career background as an advisor and is the head coach of a long-distance block of track and field team at Aoyama Gakuin University, has assumed EKIDEN Director.

  • Mar, 2022Awarded

    GMO Internet (currently, GMO Internet Group, Inc.) won the Debut Debt Deal of the Year, an award that is presented for the best debt deal in the corporate bond category of DEALWATCH AWARDS 2021.

  • Mar, 2022Selected by a jury

    Hirotaka Niisato, who is the director for engineering analysis of the GMO Internet, is a member of the team that has produced 8bit, which is a work that allows individuals to experience the quantum computing and has been selected by a jury in the Entertainment Division of the 25th Japan Media Arts Festival.

  • Mar, 2022Amount of remuneration for 16 members of the Board is over ¥100 million

    The amount of remuneration of sixteen Directors has exceeded 100 million yen, and GMO Internet Group has a duty to disclose this in the Annual Securities Report.

  • Mar, 2022No. 1 in the industry for the 10th consecutive year

    GMO MAKESHOP's ASP online store service "MakeShop byGMO" has the No. 1 transaction volume in ASP online store industry for the 10th consecutive year.

  • Mar, 2022Creation of safety standards

    Ierae Security, Inc. (currently, GMO Cybersecurity by Ierae, Inc.) created safety standards for the provider of secure computation with Digital Garage, Inc., NEC Corporation, and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation.

  • Feb, 2022NFT Art Gallery was held

    GMO Adam's NFT marketplace Adam byGMO held Adam byGMO NFT Art Gallery for a limited period, displaying the work of popular creators of Adam byGMO at a pop-up space "111 - ICHI ICHI ICHI -" on the third floor of Tokyu Plaza Shibuya.

  • Feb, 2022Workplace vaccination

    GMO Internet Group launched the 3rd workplace vaccination against the novel coronavirus.

  • Feb, 2022Awarded

    Tokyu Corporation, CyberAgent, DeNA, mixi, and GMO Internet (currently, GMO Internet Group, Inc.) jointly hold the Kids VALLEY that has won the Judges' Commendation in the Award for Companies Promoting Experience-based Learning Activities for Youth of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

  • Feb, 2022No. 1 FX trading volume worldwide

    GMO CLICK Securities’ FX trading volume was No. 1 worldwide in 2021 following 2020 and was No. 1 for the 10th consecutive year in Japan.

  • Jan, 2022Full-scale entry into the cybersecurity business

    Japan's leading white hat hacker organization Ierae Security, Inc. (currently, GMO Cybersecurity by Ierae, Inc.) joined the Group, leading to full-scale entry into the cybersecurity business.

  • Jan, 2022Basic agreement

    Basic agreement in the business alliance between the National Federation of Real Estate Transaction Associations, which is the largest group in the real estate industry, and GMO GlobalSign Holdings K.K.


  • Dec, 2021First version for LGWAN in Japan was launched

    A version of the e-contract service GMO Sign for LGWAN, the first version of e-contract service for LGWAN in Japan, was launched by GMO GlobalSign Holdings K.K.

  • Dec, 2021Official and English versions were launched

    Official and English versions of NFT marketplace Adam byGMO were launched by GMO Adam, Inc.

  • Dec, 2021Making efforts to achieve the No. 1 salary

    GMO Internet Group started to make efforts in FY2022 to offer the highest level of salary in each industry and region as a result of enhanced productivity mainly due to reducing the future rent and introducing an RPA, AI, and robot.

  • Dec, 2021Certified

    ISMS certification was acquired by the parent company of GMO Brights Consulting (currently, GMO BRAND SECURITY Inc.).

  • Dec, 2021Began an initiative, the first of its kind in Japan

    GMO GlobalSign Holdings K.K. has formed a business alliance with Tokyu Livable, Inc., and launched the R&D to put electronic signature (by ID verification that uses an Individual Number Card), which is as effective as a registered seal, of a real estate sales contract into practical use, the first initiative of its kind in Japan.

  • Dec, 2021Recognized with a special award

    GMO GlobalSign HD's e-contract service GMO Sign was recognized with a special award for the category of NPO of the 5th Social Good ICT Service Award.

  • Dec, 2021Service launch

    GMO Office Support, Inc. has launched the virtual office service "GMO Office Support"

  • Nov, 2021Won a prize for the category of work process

    GMO Internet Group's Goodbye Seal Impression Campaign won a prize for the category of the work process of WORK DESIGN AWARD, an award for companies making efforts to update the way of working.

  • Nov, 2021Main sponsor

    GMO Internet Group is the main sponsor of “GMO Internet Group presents 10000m track by unprecedented MARCH 2021”, a competition between long-distance running teams of 5 private universities.

  • Nov, 2021Acquired trust beneficiary rights

    GMO Internet acquired 55% of trust beneficiary rights for Setagaya Business Square, which is a high-rise composite building that leads directly to Yoga station on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line. The secondary name of the building is GMO Internet TOWER.

  • Nov, 2021Contract execution, the first of its kind in Japan

    GMO Internet Group has entered into a medical partner agreement with CellSource Co., Ltd. that develops regenerative-medicine-related business, the first agreement of its kind in Japan as a corporate athletics team.

  • Oct, 2021Confirmed the legality

    GMO GlobalSign HD made inquiries to Japan Digital Agency, the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of Finance about the System to Eliminate Regulatory Gray Zones, and confirmed that Digital-Sign and E-sign of e-contract service GMO Sign had the legality as an alternative, effective electronic signature to affixing the name and seal.

  • Oct, 2021Sponsor

    Sponsorship in Onigiri Action 2021, a donation campaign conducted by TABLE FOR TWO International (NPO).

  • Sep, 2021Opened an art space

    Renovated “GMO Digital HACHIKO”, a meeting spot inside Shibuya FUKURAS, and opened an art space "the world's smallest art museum @ GMO digital HACHIKO (currently, Banksy Exhibition GMO digital art museum Shibuya Tokyo)".

  • Aug, 2021Launched beta version

    GMO Adam launched a beta version of NFT marketplace Adam byGMO.

  • Jul, 2021Women's professional golf tournament

    GMO Internet Ladies Samantha Thavasa Global Cup, a women's professional golf tournament, was held with special sponsorship from Samantha Global Branding & Research Institute.

  • Jul, 2021Launched a new function, the first of its kind in Japan

    GMO GlobalSign HD's e-contract service GMO Sign has the newly added Individual Number Card Registered Seal function that enables ID Verification with Individual Number Card, the first function of its kind in Japan.

  • Jul, 2021Joins a task force

    GMO Internet Group joins in "Expo 2025, Osaka, Kansai, Japan, and a task force to launch the flying car".

  • Jun, 2021Launched workplace vaccination

    Launched workplace vaccination against the novel coronavirus and approximately 72% of the partners in Japan were vaccinated in 5 days.

  • Jun, 2021New company established

    GMO Adam, Inc., which develops and operates the NFT marketplace Adam byGMO, has been established.

  • May, 2021Acquired all of the shares

    GMO Financial Holdings, Inc. executed an agreement for the transfer of shares to acquire a 100% stake in YJFX (currently, Gaika ex byGMO), which was Yahoo Japan Corporation's subsidiary and offered its online FX transaction services.

  • May, 2021OMAKASE Inc. is acquired and joins GMO Internet (currently, GMO Internet Group, Inc.) consolidated companies

    OMAKASE, Inc. (currently, GMO OMAKASE, Inc.), which develops reservation management service "OMAKASE" specializing in the popular restaurants that are difficult to make reservations at, has joined the Group.

  • May, 2021Joins the council

    GMO Internet Group joins the Public-Private Council for Air Transportation Revolution established and operated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

  • May, 2021Announces teleworking implementation status

    GMO Internet Group will announce the implementation status of teleworking every week, based on the request from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

  • May, 2021No. 1 in Japan

    GMO Coin has the No. 1 Bitcoin volume (including cash settlement and futures transactions) on the Japanese exchange in April 2021.

  • May, 2021Remuneration of eleven Directors is more than JPY 100 million

    The amount of remuneration of eleven Directors of the Group has exceeded 100 million yen, and it has a duty to disclose this in the Annual Securities Report for FY2020.

  • May, 2021No. 1 in terms of the number of user companies

    The number of user companies of GMO GlobalSign's Trust Login byGMO, a single sign-on service (IDaaS) targeting companies, exceeds 6,300: No. 1 Japanese single sign-on service in terms of the number of user companies.

  • May, 2021Listing

    The US subsidiary Trust Company, Inc. partners with Binance, which operates the world’s largest cryptoasset exchange BINANCE, and has listed Japanese yen-pegged stablecoin GYEN on BINANCE.

  • Apr, 2021New application launch

    GMO Internet Group has launched “Application that makes your dreams come true byGMO”, which is the official application of “Diary that makes your dreams come true”, an original diary by Masatoshi Kumagai, Founder, Chairman and Group CEO, GMO Internet Group.

  • Apr, 2021First demonstration experiment in Japan

    Traffic and riding scheme testing project of Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau's Tenjin-Hakata one-day free ticket, which tests the feasibility of utilizing Japan's first digital ticket using Visa's touch payment, is jointly launched by GMO Payment Gateway, GMO Financial Gate, Sumitomo Mitsui Card, Aquabit Spirals, QUADRAC, TOPPAN PRINTING, Visa Worldwide Japan, and Bank of Fukuoka.

  • Apr, 2021Join the group

    GMO Payment Gateway acquired all outstanding shares of financial and payment system developer BUFFORT Inc., which joined GMO Payment Gateway consolidated companies.

  • Mar, 2021Providing programming education for free through sponsorship

    GMO Internet Group is a diamond sponsor of CODEGYM Academy, a project that offers programming education for students for free during the pandemic. CODEGYM Academy is offered through a collaboration between LABOT Inc.'s programming education service CODEGYM and CLACK (NPO).

  • Mar, 2021Service launch

    Ecommerce services offered by GMO MAKESHOP and GMO System Consulting have been consolidated, and GMO CLOUD EC has been launched, which is an ecommerce solution that can be customized.

  • Mar, 2021First municipality in Japan to adopt GMO GlobalSign HD's e-contract service

    Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture is the first municipality in Japan that has decided to adopt GMO GlobalSign HD's e-contract service GMO Sign!

  • Mar, 2021Putting effort into SDGs

    GMO Internet Group announces that it is putting effort into SDGs.

  • Mar, 2021Number one in the ASP online store industry for the 9th consecutive year

    The transaction volume of all online shops in GMO MAKESHOP's ASP online store MakeShop byGMO has reached a record high in 2020. MakeShop byGMO is number one in the ASP online store industry for the 9th consecutive year.

  • Mar, 2021Ambassador

    GMO Internet Group has appointed professional golfer Miho Koga, who has won a number of tournaments until now, as an ambassador.

  • Mar, 2021Release the world’s first service

    The US subsidiary Trust Company, Inc. has launched its new service, and the world’s first Japanese yen-pegged stablecoin GYEN and US dollar-pegged stablecoin ZUSD, which comply with the US banking laws and regulations, have been issued and converted into cash.

  • Feb, 2021Group song

    GMO Internet Group's corporate song "Internet for Everyone" has been selected as a "Memorable Music" at the "2nd NIKKEI National Corporate Song Contest" held by Nikkei! "Internet for Everyone" has been composed by Tetsuya Komuro.

  • Feb, 2021International Standard ISO27001

    GMO GlobalSign's Trust Login byGMO, a single sign-on service (IDaaS) targeting companies, acquires the certification of International Standard ISO27001 (information security management).

  • Feb, 2021Service launch

    GMO Internet (currently, GMO Internet Group, Inc.) begins offering services through the cryptoassets exchange “ EX” with Thailand subsidiary Cryptonomics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

  • Feb, 2021Change of service name

    GMO GlobalSign HD changed the name of its e-contract service from “Agree” to “GMO Sign”.

  • Feb, 2021Opening new office

    GMO Internet Group opens a satellite office "GMO hinata" in Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture.

  • Jan, 2021Opens an owned media

    GMO Internet Group opened its new owned media "i4U".

  • Jan, 2021No. 1 in the industry

    GMO CLICK Securities’ FX trading services have No. 1 transaction volume worldwide in 2020: No. 1 within Japan for the 9th consecutive year.

  • Jan, 2021No. 1 in Japan

    GMO GlobalSign HD's “e-contract service Agree (currently, GMO Sign)”: No. 1 Japanese e-contract service in terms of the number of user companies.

  • Jan, 2021Launches demonstration experiment

    GMO GlobalSign HD launches "Goodbye Seal Impression: Digitalize 100 Million Project", a demonstration experiment of municipalities to encourage the use of e-contract services instead of seal impression.


  • Dec, 2020Establishment

    GMO Internet (currently, GMO Internet Group, Inc.) has obtained official approval as a specified purpose trust company in New York State, and established the US subsidiary Trust Company, Inc., preparing for the launch of the world’s first JPY-pegged stablecoin “GYEN” and USD-pegged stablecoin “ZUSD”.

  • Dec, 2020Change of a stock market listing

    GMO Pepabo: stock market listing changed to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

  • Dec, 2020Commencement of operation of staging environment of local 5G

    Regarding the radio station license of a stand-alone configuration "local 5G" in the office, GMO Internet (currently, GMO Internet Group, Inc.) obtained Japan's first main license and commenced the operation of the staging environment of local 5G.

  • Nov, 2020Basic agreement

    GMO GlobalSign reached a basic agreement to give technology related to the security of communications and control to Prodrone Co., Ltd. and SkyDrive Inc. (DRONE FUND makes investments in Prodrone and SkyDrive) to launch the flying car and the drone into society.

  • Nov, 2020Expanding into new businesses

    GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. collaborates with Queen Bee Capital Co., Ltd., expanding into the businesses of digital-first international remittance and collection

  • Nov, 2020Opening New Office

    GMO Internet (currently, GMO Internet Group, Inc.) opened a customer support office in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture

  • Oct, 2020DX support for the administrative procedures

    GMO GlobalSign HD has launched the Digital Government Development Office and the DX support for the administrative procedures in the country and local governments.

  • Sep, 2020Changing company name

    GMO Cloud K.K. changes its name to “GMO GlobalSign Holdings K.K.”

  • Aug, 2020New project

    GMO Internet has launched “GMO Digikids,” a programming education support project for children.

  • Jul, 2020Women's professional golf game was held

    "Samantha Global presents GMO Internet Cup", a match-play competition between women's professional golf teams, was jointly held by the GMO Internet Group along with Samantha Thavasa Japan Limited.

  • Jul, 2020New Company established

    GMO TECH established “GMO ReTech,” a new technology company for the real estate business.

  • Jul, 2020Organization

    GMO System Consulting has joined GMO MAKESHOP for strengthening collaboration in ecommerce.

  • Jul, 2020Listed

    GMO Financial Gate is newly listed on TSE Mothers Index.

  • Jul, 2020Held an event

    “GMO Developers Day” was held as the first GMO Internet Group’s large-scale online tech conference for developers.

  • Jul, 2020Supporting Athletes

    GMO Internet Group has made an affiliation contract with Hana Wakimoto, a professional golfer.

  • Jun, 2020Campaign

    Goodbye Seal Impression Campaign to discourage the use of seal impressions in Japan.

  • Jun, 2020Specified by the Ministry of Justice

    “GMO e-contract service Agree (currently, GMO Sign),” an electric signature service offered by GMO Cloud K.K. (GMO GlobalSign Holdings K.K) has become available on the online application of commercial and legal entity registries.

  • May, 2020New Project

    GMO Internet Group has shifted to “New workstyle byGMO” in the coronavirus era.

  • Apr, 2020New Project

    GMO Internet, Inc. (currently, GMO Internet Group, Inc.) has started a new project named “GMO Edison” which encourages our partners to share their ideas and commercialize their ideas among them.

  • Apr, 2020Hanko-free and promote electronic contract

    GMO Internet Group announced the new policy which eliminates Inkan in customers’ procedures and limits contracts to electronic contracts.

  • Apr, 2020New System

    GMO Internet Group has started “Office cost restoration program” which restore the office running cost, the amount saved due to the arrangement for work from home, to partners.

  • Apr, 2020Opened the bank API experiment station

    GMO Aozora Net Bank, Ltd. became the first bank in Japan to open the bank API experiment environment named “sunabar -GMO Aozora Net Bank API experiment station” for free.

  • Apr, 2020Held Group Online Welcoming Ceremony for New Hires

    GMO Internet Group held an online welcoming ceremony for new hires for the purpose of preventing the spread of infection with the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

  • Mar, 2020Became No. 1 in the industry for 8th consecutive years

    GMO MAKESHOP’s “MakeShop byGMO” has the No. 1 transaction volume in ASP online store industry for the 8th consecutive year and achieved JYP173.4 billion in 2019, which reached MakeShop’s transaction volume to a record high.

  • Mar, 2020Service Launch

    Educational app related to Finance and investing “Kabupon!” launched under the sponsorship of the GMO CLICK Securities, Inc.

  • Mar, 2020Elected substitute runner for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Men’s marathon

    Ryo Hashimoto, a runner belonging to the men’s long-distance running team of GMO Internet Group, was elected substitute runner for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Men’s marathon.

  • Feb, 2020Organization

    GMO Kumapon, Inc. joined GMO Media Inc.

  • Jan, 2020Launch

    GMO Payment Service launched a future payment service "GMO Pay on Credit" for BtoB transaction

  • Jan, 2020ISO27001 and ISO22301

    As a Certificate Authority, GMO GlobalSign acquired simultaneously the certifications ISO27001 and ISO22301.

  • Jan, 2020Shift to work from home to prevent COVID-19 infection

    Shifted to work from home in order to prevent COVID-19 infection for the purpose of BCP as well as the safety of all partners in our whole group.

  • Jan, 2020Application for the license

    Applied for local 5G's radio station license to improve the environment for the introduction of local 5G in GMO Internet Group's first and second headquarters.

  • Jan, 2020Established

    GMO CLOUD K.K. (currently, GMO GlobalSign Holdings K.K.) founded GMO Mobility Cloud K.K. as a joint venture with Sojitz Corporation: developing connected car-related business utilizing automotive IoT solutions.

  • Jan, 2020Broadcasted TV Commercial

    GMO Internet Group's TV commercial broadcasted for the first time during the “New Year Ekiden 2020” in which a men's long-distance running team participated for the first time.

  • Jan, 2020Participated in the New Year Ekiden

    Men’s long-distance running team of GMO Internet Group participated in “New Year Ekiden2020” for the 1st time and finished in 5th place.