Received the "Excellence Award" at the Shibuya Sustainable Awards 2022

In order to realize a sustainable society, GMO Internet Group participates in the Shibuya City cleaning activities, independently carries out cleaning activities, abandons plastics, and reduces food loss at the communication space GMO Yours, promoting efforts related to sustainability in new ways.

We were evaluated for creating ties between people who take action for the environment, such as Shibuya City residents and business operators, through the above-mentioned group-wide sustainability efforts. We won the "Excellence Award" at the Shibuya Sustainable Awards 2022.

Acceptance speech

  • GMO Internet Group, Inc.
    Group Executive Officer
    General Manager of Group Communication Department
    Atsuko Fukui

GMO Internet Group has created a business group - including 10 listed companies - that comprehensively develops Internet and Finance businesses (which are businesses at the core of the group) with about 5,000 colleagues at the Group's first and second headquarters in Shibuya.

We offer welfare and benefits such as serving food and drink as a measure to provide a comfortable office environment for our colleagues. However, depending on the operational policies and how the welfare facilities are used, our measures may lead to further environmental destruction.

In order to realize a sustainable society, companies must conduct business responsibly.

Because GMO Internet Group is a place where many colleagues gather together, we actively work on social issues, such as plastics and food loss, and strategies that lead to the creation of opportunities for each person to notice a little bit of strangeness in their daily lives and take action.

Our goal is to see our efforts translate into co-creation opportunities for companies and many people by specifically telling them about our efforts as a recipient of the Excellence Award of the "Shibuya Sustainable Awards 2022".

Going forward, GMO Internet Group will continue to contribute to society and people by working to solve issues for a sustainable society, and creating smiles and excitement through coexistence with local communities.

GMO Internet Group's main sustainability initiatives

Participation in Shibuya City cleaning activities and independently carrying out cleaning activities (since April 2019)

Conducted by partners (employees) of group companies in the areas around the first and second headquarters, which are Shibuya Cerulean Tower and Shibuya FUKURAS, respectively.

  • 40 participating companies and 154 participating partners in the group (figures as of FY2022)

Abandoning plastic (since November 2019)

Abandoned plastic straws, cups, bags, lunch boxes, etc., which were offered at GMO Yours. Achieved an approximately 93% reduction in plastic waste compared to before the start of the initiative.

Offering menus compatible with "TABLE FOR TWO" and "CUP FOR TWO" (since January 2021)

In the TABLE FOR TWO and CUP FOR TWO programs, every time a meal that controls the calories to prevent obesity and lifestyle diseases is bought, a donation of JPY 20 per meal is used to pay for school meals for developing countries' children. Menus compatible with the above programs are offered at GMO Yours.

  • Number of school meals supported through “TABLE FOR TWO”: 15,582 meals (January 2021 to July 2022)
  • Number of drinks eligible for donation through “CUP FOR TWO”: 20,128 cups (May 2021 to July 2022)

Provision of sustainable ingredients (since May 2021)

In addition to ethical coffee and fair trade tea, in September 2022 GMO Internet Group launched a lunch menu including sustainable seafood.

Food loss reduction (since October 2021)

Lunch menus offered at GMO Yours are reservation-only to reduce food waste. We implement various strategies to reduce food loss, such as the Zero Food Loss Campaign during World Food Day Month and initiatives at the food bank.

  • More than 900 meals donated to food banks (since August 2022)

Workplace vaccination against the novel coronavirus

Vaccines were given not only to partners of GMO Internet Group but also to their families, business partners, and people in the shopping district of the Shibuya area.

  • The number of people who were vaccinated against the novel coronavirus at GMO Internet Group: a total of about 44,000 (since June 2021)

Going forward, GMO Internet Group will continue to contribute to local revitalization at each office nationwide - focusing on Shibuya City - and work toward a sustainable society.

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