Labor Practices

Labor practice initiatives

Views on the labor practices

GMO Internet Group has grown thanks to the support from our partners. Therefore, with a full line-up of support systems, GMO Internet Group is putting effort into creating the process to gather advanced partners from all over the world, and focusing on realizing an office environment where everyone can feel comfortable and show his/her ability.

Labor-management relations

We respect freedom of association and workers' right to collective bargaining as partners' rights. Partners can put themselves forward for a partner representative, who is elected by a vote of confidence. In order to maintain constructive labor-management relations and establish a fulfilling work environment for all partners, partner representative elected for each office in Japan takes a leading role in the revision of the company rules, such as execution of labor-management agreements and rules of employment, practice by the industrial health committee/labor-management committee, prevention of industrial accidents, etc.

Disclosure of cases of infringements on workers’ rights

There were no relevant cases in FY2021.

Specific initiatives

  • Positive work environment
    • We have GMO Helpline, an internal system that enables partners to report or solve problems or consult with the company, without undue worry. In order to make it easier for female partners to report harassment, we also have female consultants on Nadeshiko Helpline.
    • We set up the emergency escalation helpline necessary for coping more quickly with key cases, etc. (things related to the lives of partners, violation of laws and regulations, customer's credit insecurity, disputes). Posts made here will be shared directly with executives.
    • GMO Internet Group has an environment where all partners are free to offer a suggestion that improves the company through an internal suggestion system "Kuma no mimi". Executives decide whether the suggestions will be executed.
  • Check the condition of the organization
    • We conduct a monthly Engagement Survey. By conducting a survey quantitatively on a continuous basis, GMO Internet Group can visualize the condition of the organization, which changes every day. This information is useful for organizational management. Rather than focusing on individuals, the purpose of the survey is to contribute to enhanced productivity and the drop in job turnover rate by adopting measures to enhance the engagement of the organization.
    • We adopt a 360-degree supervisor evaluation system, including directors. Issues faced by oneself and the organization become apparent by receiving evaluation from various perspectives from subordinates and the members of other departments, leading to improvement.
  • Initiatives to improve the efficiency of the business
    • GMO Internet Group has launched a project to improve the efficiency of the business by 10% or more. We develop a sound business environment as a result of improving the efficiency of the business by examining all facets of it, such as using an RPA, AI, robot, video, etc. to reduce and improve the efficiency of the routine work as well as introducing the new tools.

Initiatives on the human resources development

Self-development training program structure

  • Human resource systems that utilize the strength of oneself

    GMO Internet Group unveiled new human resource systems in 2020. Four policies of our human resource systems are as follows: (1) the evaluation period is short and deadlines are clear; (2) the system is fair; (3) we construct mechanisms for partners who are motivated to do what they want to do; and (4) the compensation is visualized and fully open. Based on the above policies, GMO Internet Group introduced mechanisms for human resources to be able to carry out their activities, such as changing to the human resource systems that allow the partners to make full use of their strength and grow further. The Group focuses on (3) in terms of self-development and has prepared an environment for partners who believe in their potential and are motivated to challenge themselves, such as a breakthrough option that allows only the new graduate partners to be transferred to their desired departments by having over certain years of service and group recruitment systems that utilize the strength of group management.

  • Offering the areas for learning
    • GMO Academia, a workshop the partners can join freely, is held two or three times a month. The Group's partners are lecturers and promote sharing of the knowledge of GMO Internet Group, by introducing an actual model to be learned from and the know-how.
    • We are promoting the "GMO Cool Engineer Support System" in order to become the number one technology company in the industry. Unique systems, which are realized by making full use of the company's services and technological capability in response to requests from the partners, are born every day: assisting with the cost of buying technology-related books and the latest gadgets, and joining development camps; assisting with participation in the workshops and seminars; allowing the partners to use our services (shared server, VPS, etc.) through which the synergies for users are expected to arise, etc.
    • The company is also improving welfare and benefits, such as supplementing the monthly payments to use the external service for self-development.

Support childcare and long-term care while working

  • Improving childcare support
    • Our return rate from childcare leave was 100% in FY2021. In addition to normal childcare leave/system of shorter working hours, GMO Bears, an internal nursery, was established. GMO Bears keeps children while the partners are working, and holds consultation meetings for the partners who are parenting children. The company supports childcare while working after partners return from childcare leave. The partners will have the low-priced service in their home as the babysitter service is made as a service of the company and also due to subsidies from the company in addition to subsidies for babysitters from the government. Regarding childcare leave, we are currently enhancing the male partners' understanding of the system, such as through presentation.
    • A flexible way of working is also one of the attractions as the flextime system is approved and paid leave is allowed to be taken on an hourly basis. In addition to suggesting the partners work from home twice a week even at normal times, the company implements measures to meet the needs of individual partners, such as permitting the partners to work from home on all days when there are special circumstances (e.g. long-term care, childcare, etc.).

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