Industrial Safety and Health

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Safety and Health Committees

To ensure the safety and a comfortable working environment for our partners, we have established the Safety and Health Committees. This includes participation from labor management representatives of our consolidated corporate group. Together, we share issues and implemented measures regarding safety and health, gain advice from industrial physicians, and continuously work towards improvements.

Interview with Industrial Physicians

Individual partners are able to directly apply for interviews with the industrial physicians through a dedicated system. Partners can apply for interviews and consult the industrial physicians on their concerns without worrying about what their supervisors think.

Disaster Prevention Measure

Partners train for disasters each year, assuming the disaster is of the same magnitude as Great East Japan Earthquake, in preparation for emergency situations. Each location has an automated external defibrillator (AED) and the initial response manual that is needed when natural disasters occur.

No Overtime Day

GMO Internet Group established “no-overtime” days (twice a month) in order to prevent the long work hours.

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