Health Support


We offer a rich array of programs to help our partners lead a healthy lifestyle in the areas of "Diet", "Healing", "Movement", and "Medicine".

Healthy from the Inside Out


  • A lunch made with calorie count and anti-aging kept in mind

    The lunches provided at GMO Yours are full of surprises!

    1. Our special advisor Dr. Hideyuki Negoro oversees the making of our anti-aging menu
    2. Each dish has information on calorie count and portion size displayed
  • A café that cares about ingredients

    The café at GMO Yours serves delicious and healthy options!

    1. Muesli and others for breakfast
  • Snacks that help you recharge efficiently

    Glucose that energizes your brain and helps you concentrate. Not only that, we prepare many other snacks that is good for your health.

  • A resident nutritionist manages the menu

    A healthy menu is a given, but we also disclose the origin of ingredients to provide dishes that are safe.

Recharging the body and mind


  • We recommend napping after lunch

    We've set up a napping area to relax and get refreshed before diving into the work of the afternoon.
    The room has aroma therapy and music to help you get thoroughly refreshed.

  • A massage room to melt away work fatigue

    This space was created to help tired partners relax. We offer massage services by professionals at very reasonable prices.

Supporting an active lifestyle


  • GMO OLYMPIA, a completely free fitness gym inside the office

    GMO OLYMPIA is a fitness gym that can be used free of charge by any partner.
    We aim to solve the issue of the lack of exercise and improve performance and health.

  • Priority Access to the Cerulean Tower Hotel Fitness Club

    Because the Cerulean Tower office space is connected to the hotel, we can use the hotel's fitness club at a discounted rate.

  • We make it easy to go to the gym! Costs are subsidized.

    To encourage our partners to stay healthy, we help cover gym initiation fees.

  • Events to promote a healthy lifestyle and deeper friendships!

    Our company covers the costs of events meant to help promote staying healthy and deepen relationships, including futsal and golf competitions.

Prevention and Safety


  • Full support provided by society-managed health care

    The line-up includes health, sports & leisure activities, and recreational facilities!

    1. Health Checks & Gynecological Exams
    2. Access to sports fields, indoor tennis courts, Konami Sports Club, and golf courses at a reduced price.
    3. Discounts at 4 directly managed facilities, contracts with around 7,200 facilities
  • Gargling and using hand sanitizer regularly

    The best way to avoid the flu is through prevention. Everyone at our group does their part in keeping things clean. To avoid infection and the spread of germs, we have masks and emergency food supplies on hand.

  • Occupational physicians available onsite more than 4 times a month

    We have specialists who provide support for both physical and mental wellbeing.
    Our support system for partners' health involves the individual partner, their general practitioner, occupational physicians, and the HR department.

  • Free Flu Shots

    Our company provides free flu shots once a year.

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