Corporate History

Revenue trends


  • Sep, 1999Established

    Magclick (currently, GMO AD Partners, Inc.) is established.

  • Sep, 1999Launched domain business

    Launch of byGMO domain registration services.

  • Aug, 1999Publicly traded

    Three years and eight months after being established we become the first independent net venture and the first Internet service provider to list on the stock exchange in Japan.

  • Apr, 1999Awarded

    Selected by ICANN to become the sole commercial domain registrar in Japan and the Asian region.


  • Dec, 1995Launched provider business

    interQ ORIGINAL launch. The world’s first Internet access service that doesn’t require a contract.

  • Nov, 1995Changing company name

    The Internet is rapidly expanding and the company changes its name to interQ, shifting its focus to the provision of Internet and service infrastructure.


  • May, 1991Established

    Multi-media company, Voice Media is established.