Corporate History

Revenue trends


  • Nov, 2004Join the group

    Management integration of Card Commerce Services (currently, GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.) and Payment One to enhance online credit card payment processing services.

  • Oct, 2004Join the group

    3721 Soft and ACCESSPORT (currently, GMO INSIGHT Inc.) become wholly-owned subsidiaries.

  • Aug, 2004Join the group

    Tea Cup Communication joins the GMO Internet Group following a stock swap.

  • Jul, 2004Join the group

    GMO has resolved to acquire complete control of CCS Holding Co., Ltd through a share exchange, and executed a share exchange agreement. Card Commerce Services (currently, GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.), the leading online credit card payment processing company, has joined the group.

  • Mar, 2004Join the group

    paperboy&co. (currently, GMO Pepabo, Inc.) joins the group.

  • Feb, 2004Listed

    Global Media Online, Inc. (currently, GMO Internet Group, Inc.) is promoted to the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


  • May, 2003Changing company name

    iSLE changes its name to GMO Hosting and Technologies, Inc. (currently, GMO GlobalSign Holdings K.K.).

  • May, 2003Launched security business

    GeoTrust JAPAN (currently, GMO GlobalSign K.K.) is established by GMO Hosting and Technologies, Inc. (currently, GMO GlobalSign Holdings K.K.) in partnership with GeoTrust, the US company with the second largest global market share in the server certificate (SSL authentication) industry.


  • Dec, 2002Launched research business

    GMO Media and Solutions Inc. (currently, GMO Research, Inc.) launches the research business GMO Research in partnership with Access Media International.

  • Oct, 2002Launched payment business

    40.62% share of credit card payment processing provider, Payment One acquired in a private placement. Payment One joins the group.

  • Apr, 2002Join the group

    FreeML, Mailin, and MagPromotion merge to become GMO Media and Solutions.


  • Nov, 2001Join the group

    Daiichi Tsushin is acquired.

  • Sep, 2001Join the group

    MagPromotion and become wholly-owned subsidiaries.

  • May, 2001Join the group

    GMO Internet (currently, GMO Internet Group, Inc.) acquires the two web hosting companies iSLE (currently, GMO GlobalSign K.K.) and RapidSite.

  • Apr, 2001Changing company name

    Company name is changed to Global Media Online, Inc. (currently, GMO Internet Group, Inc.).


  • Sep, 2000Stock listing

    Three hundred and sixty-four days after incorporation, consolidated subsidiary Magclick (currently, GMO AD Partners, Inc.) becomes the fastest company to list on NASDAQ Japan in the stock market’s history.

  • Aug, 2000Launched a data center service

    Formed a business alliance with Cobalt Networks, Inc. and launched inter Q Marugoto Server, a high-quality data center service at low prices, which led to the launch of a web hosting service.