Corporate History

Revenue trends


  • Dec, 2019Listing Moved

    GMO Pepabo, Inc.’s listing moved to the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

  • Dec, 2019Service Launch

    GMO Financial Gate, Inc. has launched “OFFICE PAY® byGMO” which enables paying office facilities such as vending machines and coffeemakers with only employee ID cards.

  • Dec, 2019“GMO Digital HACHIKO” opened as a meeting spot

    GMO Internet Group opens “GMO Digital HACHIKO,” as a meeting spot offering free Wi-Fi available and enabling us to charge our smartphone batteries for free without depending on the weather.

  • Dec, 2019Opend “Synergy Café GMO Yours・FUKURAS”

    Communication space “Synergy Café GMO Yours・FUKURAS” opened in the 2nd Group Head Office SHIBUYA FUKURAS.

  • Nov, 2019Established

    GMO Internet, Inc. (currently, GMO Internet Group, Inc.) and AMZ Group Sole Co., Ltd. in Laos founded a joint venture named Lao Co., Ltd.

  • Nov, 2019Sustainability

    GMO Internet Group has begun discouraging the use of plastic at the synergy café GMO Yours, a communication space, abolishing plastic cups and straws.

  • Nov, 2019Join the group

    TownWifi (currently, GMO TownWiFi, Inc.), a company offering a free Wi-Fi auto-connect app, has joined GMO Internet Group through GMO Internet (currently, GMO Internet Group, Inc.) 's acquisition of their share.

  • Oct, 2019Joint development of the new platform

    stera is a next-generation payment platform that is jointly developed by Sumitomo Mitsui Card along with GMO Payment Gateway.

  • Jul, 2019Announced participation in the Ekiden

    GMO ATHLETES (currently,GMO Internet Group), a men's long-distance running team, announced participation in the New Year Ekiden.

  • Jul, 2019Sustainability

    GMO Dream Wave Inc. has been certified “Identification for Employment of the Class-Second Handicapped” which provides the appropriate employment environment for handicapped employees.

  • Jun, 2019New Project

    Tokyu Corporation, CyberAgent, DeNA, GMO Internet (currently, GMO Internet Group, Inc.), mixi and Shibuya City Board of Education of Shibuya have signed the “Agreement on Programming Education in Shibuya City”.

  • Jun, 2019New service launch

    GMO Payment Gateway and IT-One Co., Ltd co-established “Data Innovation Lab” in order to utilize big data for companies and organizations in Japan and abroad.

  • May, 2019Global expansion and Service launch

    GMO GlobalSign Certification Service Private Limited, an Indian local subsidiary of GMO Cloud K.K. (currently, GMO GlobalSign Holdings K.K.), has launched “e-Contract Service Agree by GlobalSign (currently, e-contract service GMO Sign),” a new cloud-based digital contract service in India.

  • May, 2019Reached a milestone in the number of users

    GMO Internet Group announces that the number of customers using domain and hosting & cloud, and other types of Internet Infrastructure services has exceeded 10 million.

  • May, 2019Service launch

    GMO Payment Gateway, the Bank of Yokohama, the Japan Post Bank, and the Tokyu Corporation, have launched a cash-out service via ticket vending machines at train stations along Tokyu lines.

  • Apr, 2019Service launch

    GMO Internet (currently, GMO Internet Group, Inc.) has launched “AkashiQ.R Wallet byGMO” which enables creating a wallet to manage and remit for cryptocurrencies.

  • Mar, 2019Become No. 1 in the industry

    GMO MAKESHOP’s “MakeShop byGMO” has the No. 1 transaction volume in ASP online store industry for the 7th consecutive year and achieved JPY159.4 billion in 2018, which reached MakeShop’s transaction volume to a record high.

  • Feb, 2019Basic agreement

    Basic agreement in next-generation payment platform business between Sumitomo Mitsui Card and GMO Payment Gateway

  • Feb, 2019Organization

    GMO Creators Network has joined GMO Pepabo.

  • Feb, 2019New office

    GMO Pepabo opens “GMO Pepabo Kagoshima Office,” an engineering center in Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, that will take part in the development, management, and the maintenance of services.

  • Jan, 2019Establishment

    GMO Performance Inc. specializing in affiliate advertising is jointly established by NOMARK Co., Ltd. and GMO NIKKO Inc.

  • Jan, 2019Become No. 1 in the industry

    GMO Click Securities’ FX trading services have the No. 1 transaction volume worldwide in 2018 for the 7th consecutive year.

  • Jan, 2019Become No. 1 in the industry

    GMO Media's "Coeteco," a programming educational portal for elementary school students became the most published class of all programming and robot classes.


  • Dec, 2018Service launch

    GMO Medical Reservations Technology launches "Omatome Shinsatsuken byGMO": reservation, inquiry, reception, and payment at multiple doctors' offices through smartphone applications.

  • Nov, 2018Acquired Certification

    GMO Dream Wave, a company that promotes the hiring of disabled people, acquired certification for a specified subsidiary company.

  • Nov, 2018Service launch

    GMO Epsilon has launched lending services for nursing care businesses using care nursing management data by forming an alliance with SMS Financial Service.

  • Nov, 2018Service launch

    GMO Kumapon launches "kireipass byGMO," a trial ticket service specializing in beauty clinics.

  • Oct, 2018Service launch

    GMO Creators Network has launched "FREENANCE byGMO," a storage agent service specializing in freelance with its same-day payment for the first time in Japan.

  • Sep, 2018Service launch

    GMO GlobalSign launches the world's fastest mining software "Cryptknocker byGMO."

  • Sep, 2018Service launch

    GMO System Consulting has launched GMO SigNeD, a multi-signature-based service that transfers and saves cryptocurrencies

  • Sep, 2018New Project

    CyberAgent, DeNA, mixi, and GMO Internet (currently, GMO Internet Group, Inc.) will launch "SHIBUYA BIT VALLEY", a project aiming to make Shibuya the world technology base in the IT industry, and will hold a technology conference "BIT VALLEY 2018".

  • Sep, 2018New Project

    GMO Internet and Gentosha Literary Publication take part in a project “Children learn and experience investment“ founded by a prominent investor, Mr. Yoshiaki Murakami.

  • Aug, 2018Join the group

    Medical Reservations Technology Co., Ltd. has joined GMO Internet Group and changed its company name to “GMO Medical Reservations Technology Co., Ltd.”

  • Aug, 2018Sustainability

    Professional soccer player Shinji Kagawa was appointed as brand ambassador for GMO Internet Group.

  • Aug, 2018Service launch

    GMO Internet (currently, GMO Internet Group, Inc.)’s “CryptoChips byGMO,” which enables the distribution of Bitcoin as remuneration, will be mounted on “Whimsical War”.

  • Jul, 2018Internet bank launches business

    GMO Aozora Net Bank, Ltd., in which GMO Internet Group and Aozora Bank Group jointly invest, launched the Internet banking business.

  • Jul, 2018Service launch

    GMO Payment Gateway, Tokyu, Bank of Yokohama and Japan Post Bank to develop Japan’s first cash withdrawal service from ticket vending machines.

  • Jul, 2018Service launch

    GMO Internet is launching the new mining machine “GMO miner B3,” the maximum performance of which is 33 TH/s.

  • Jun, 2018Appointed as a sponsor

    GMO Coin, Inc. was appointed as an official sponsor of Chiba Lotte Marines, a professional baseball team.

  • Jun, 2018Appointed as a sponsor

    GMO Coin has been appointed as a sponsor for “FC Ryukyu”, a professional soccer team in J3 LEAGUE.

  • Jun, 2018A new company and new service launch

    GMO Internet offers GMO miner B2, a mining machine equipped with its own ASIC mining chips using a cutting-edge 7 nm process technology, through its Swiss office Switzerland AG

  • May, 2018Service launch

    GMO Internet (currently, GMO Internet Group, Inc.) launches “CryptoChips byGMO” that enables the distribution of Bitcoin as remuneration within the game application.

  • May, 2018Venture capital

    GMO VenturePartners establishes the GMO Global FinTech Fund focused on investing in the global FinTech space

  • Apr, 2018New service launch

    GMO MAKESHOP takes over retro Inc.’s commissioned ecommerce businesses and has launched Fulloutsourcing for Fashion byGMO, a solution tailored for ecommerce businesses specializing in fashion

  • Apr, 2018Buyout

    GMO Pepabo takes over Basic Inc.’s Canvath, a service for making original goods on demand

  • Apr, 2018New office

    GMO Internet (currently, GMO Internet Group, Inc.) opens GMO kitaQ, an engineering center in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, that will take part in the monitoring, management, and maintenance of services

  • Jan, 2018New service launch

    GMO Internet (currently, GMO Internet Group, Inc.) begins offering official versions of Cloud Blockchain that supports blockchain businesses


  • Dec, 2017Human resource management system

    GMO Internet Group has announced that their employees (partners) can receive part of their salaries in Bitcoin.

  • Dec, 2017Entering a new business

    GMO Internet, Inc. (currently, GMO Internet Group, Inc.) launches cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) mining business.

  • Dec, 2017Total transaction volume

    The total annual transaction volume of GMO Pepabo's minne, a handmade market, exceeded JPY 10 billion in 2017.

  • Dec, 2017Organizational restructuring

    GMO Internet, Inc. (currently, GMO Internet Group, Inc.) merged three subsidiaries - GMO Gamepot, GMO Game Center, and Syncloud - that develop and offer Mobile Entertainment business into the parent company, GMO Internet.

  • Oct, 2017Launch

    GMO Internet launched a new overseas subsidiary " Securities (Thailand) Limited" in Thailand.

  • Oct, 2017Sustainability

    GMO Dream Wave, a company launched by GMO AD Partners, Inc. with an aim to promote the hiring of disabled people, was recognized as a company attracting employees to Miyazaki Prefecture and Miyazaki City.

  • Oct, 2017Strategic business

    GMO Payment Gateway launches GMO-PG Processing Platform that targets financial institutions and financial services, providing collectively the payment solutions, such as debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, and house cards (credit cards issued by a particular store or business).

  • Sep, 2017Entering new business

    GMO Internet (currently, GMO Internet Group, Inc.) has announced entry into cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) mining business.

  • Sep, 2017Recognition

    GMO Coin was officially recognized by the Japan Financial Services Agency as a registered cryptocurrency exchange business.

  • Sep, 2017Organizational restructuring

    GMO Coin, Inc. executed a capital increase through private placement and GMO CLICK Holdings (currently, GMO Financial Holdings) acquired GMO Coin, Inc. GMO CLICK Holdings' aim is to increase corporate value for the Internet Finance segment of GMO Internet Group by increasing cryptocurrency trading volume.

  • Sep, 2017Changing company name Coin, Inc. changes its company name to GMO Coin, Inc. and its service name to GMO Coin.

  • Aug, 2017Join the group

    Shift-One, Inc. has been merged into GMO Internet Group through GMO AD Partners, Inc.'s acquiring a 100% stake in Shift-One, Inc. having the strength of motion comic and other types of video solution businesses.


  • Sep, 2016Join the group

    GMO Payment Gateway allocated third-party shares in Global Card System (currently, GMO Card System, Inc.) through GMO Financial Gate, making Global Card System a GMO Internet Group company.

  • Aug, 2016Join the group

    GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. acquires shares in "MACROKIOSK Berhad," a leading mobile payment, authentication, and notification service provider in Malaysia, making them a member of the GMO Internet Group.

  • Jul, 2016Sustainability

    Professional football player Shinji Kagawa appointed as brand ambassador for the global brand ""

  • Jun, 2016Join the group

    Shares were acquired from Thai domain and hosting company NetDesign Group (currently, NetDesign), making it a GMO Internet Group company.

  • May, 2016Internet bank preparation

    Memorandum of Understanding executed in relation to the joint operation of the net bank with Aozora Bank and Aozora Trust Bank.

  • Apr, 2016Running Team established

    GMO ATHLETES (currently,GMO Internet Group) was established to support athletes who are passionate to become No.1, beginning with a men's long-distance running team.

  • Mar, 2016Sustainability

    Through the GMO Internet Group global brand "," we become the Vietnam national football team's top star partner. We also sign a sponsorship contract with one of the players Cong Phuong Nguyen.

  • Jan, 2016A successful bid for a new domain

    GMO Domain Registry acquires the rights to its new domain ".shop," bidding the highest domain auction price in history at USD 41.5 million.

  • Jan, 2016Management integration

    In order to promote accelerated growth in the ad technology field, GMO Internet Group's online marketing and media-focused companies GMO AD Marketing, GMO Mobile, and AdCloud combine under the name "GMO AD Marketing."


  • Nov, 2015Establishment of the joint venture

    Establishment of the SMBC GMO PAYMENT, a joint venture between Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and GMO Payment Gateway.

  • Oct, 2015Assignment of stock

    Discussions begin between Daiwa Securities Group, Daiwa Securities, GMO CLICK Holdings, and GMO CLICK Securities to combine their strengths and create an advanced and attractive joint financial service. As part of the deal, Daiwa Securities Group acquires a stake in GMO Click Holdings (currently, GMO Financial Holdings, Inc.).

  • Oct, 2015Listed

    GMO Media is listed on the TSE Mothers Index. The company's domain name changed from "" to ""

  • Oct, 2015Group song

    GMO Internet Group song "Internet for Everyone" by Tetsuya Komuro is released.

  • Sep, 2015Join the group

    GMO Internet (currently, GMO Internet Group, Inc.) acquires 80% of shares from enterprise domain registration services company Brights Consulting (currently, GMO BRAND SECURITY Inc.), making Brights part of the GMO Internet Group.

  • Jun, 2015Internet bank preparation

    Discussions with Aozora Bank about joint operations of an online bank begin. A contract concerning capital and the business tie-up is signed by GMO Internet (currently, GMO Internet Group, Inc.), GMO Payment Gateway, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.

  • Apr, 2015Listed

    GMO CLICK Holdings (currently, GMO Financial Holdings, Inc.) is listed on the JASDAQ securities market.

  • Mar, 2015Launch

    English presence of GMO CLICK Holdings (currently, GMO Financial Holdings, Inc.) " Trade UK Limited" launches FX, CFD trading service.