It has been more than six months since the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred in March 2011, but many of the problems caused by the disaster still remain unsolved.
People all over Japan cried and were left devastated by the unprecedented disaster.

Though we thought that what we could do might not be enough and felt powerless, the GMO Internet Group set up a fundraising website to help those who support recovery from the disaster.
The fundraising slogan is "What We Can Do."

About your donations made through the GMO Internet Group

The GMO Internet Group has promoted the donation campaign through its Group companies' services, including Kumapon and GMO Toku-Toku Point.

Thanks to your kind support, a total of JPY 23,913,967 (as of June 15, 2011) was donated.
Your support has been greatly appreciated.

The donations you made through our services will be delivered to those affected via each organization listed below.

Japanese Red Cross Society 6,847,169 yen
Iwate Prefecture Disaster Relief Charity Committee 2,282,390 yen
Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters of the Miyagi Prefectural Government 2,282,390 yen
Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters of the Fukushima Prefectural Government 2,282,390 yen
ChildFund Japan

* We received their letter of appreciation. (Click here to see the Support Activity Report)

9,884,412 yen
Emergency goods (1000 meals) 335,216 yen

Thank you for your kind support and cooperation. Click the links below to see the Support Activity Reports.