On March 7, 2016, we received a letter of appreciation from ChildFund Japan, a non-profit organization, for our continuous support to them. This letter has been received on behalf of all the people who supported the organization through the services of the GMO Internet Group.

Support through sales of charity coupons (GMO Kumapon)

We have been supporting the organization's sponsorship program since 2012. As of March 2016, five children are being supported to attend school through the sales of the coupons. We sincerely thank you all for your support in giving children a better future.

Click here for the profiles of the children

Support through donations from our point services (GMO Media, Inc. & GMO Internet Group, Inc.)

We have been making donations to ChildFund Japan by converting the points donated by GMO Toku-Toku Point and Point Town users into monetary value. These donations have been mainly used to provide emergency assistance to people affected by typhoons in the Philippines and the 2015 Nepal Earthquake as well as to rebuild the affected areas.

Click here for the details of donations through the Toku-Toku Point service

Support through a 'charity vending machine'

The GMO Internet Group has installed a 'charity vending machine' at its office. When you buy a drink from this vending machine, 5 yen per drink will be donated to ChildFund Japan for supporting children in the Philippines and Nepal. The organization is continuing to look for companies who will be happy to install one. Please contact ChildFund Japan directly if you are interested in finding out more.


Support for website production (GMO Creators Network, Inc.)

GMO Creators Network, Inc. began its support for ChildFund Japan in 2009 when it was consulted by the organization about the renewal of their website. A new website was launched in 2015, followed by its mobile-friendly version in January 2016. Our support for their website development and provision of web hosting facilities has enabled ChildFund Japan to inform a wider public about their efforts, leading to further expansion of their activities.


At the GMO Internet Group, we will continue to cooperate with ChildFund Japan in various support activities.
We appreciate and look forward to your continued support in the future.