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  • 1st Activity Report
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Thanks to your help, children you supported have successfully finished school.
Support Period: April 2012 to March 2014 (2 years)

The profiles of children who receive your support

  • Shova (14 years old at the start of support), Nepal
  • Shova now (right) and her mother

Shova is a rather shy but kind-hearted girl who helps her mother, the sole breadwinner in her family, by helping with farm work and taking care of livestock.
Although she had been receiving support from other organizations and attending school, she had to help her mother before leaving home for school as her family was still struggling to make ends meet.
After waking up in the morning, Shova takes care of livestock, washes clothes, and does other household chores. By the time she finishes all chores, it is already the time for school to start. As a result, she was often late for school (in Nepal, many children walk from home to school for more than 2 hours) and had to miss many classes. As you miss more classes, it gets more difficult for you to understand what is taught in classroom.

The support from ChildFund Japan has enabled her to leave home in time for school every morning. She can now understand classes better and is more motivated to study.

Date of Birth May 26, 1997
Favorite things Singing, reading, and drawing
Work at home Collecting food for livestock and feeding them, laundry, and house cleaning
About her family

The mother cultivates corn, pulses, and other crops in a field on a hill to support the family. As the father lives separately and sends no money, it is very difficult to make ends meet.

I want to go to school!

"I like singing, so I want to be a singer in the future. But as I want to be able to support my mom as soon as I can, I will do my best in my studies. I am happy now because I don't have to worry about school fees," says Shova. Through the sponsorship program, her tuition fees are paid, and she receives school uniforms and learning materials. She is also able to take remedial classes for the subjects she previously found difficult. Shova is now well-motivated to learn more.

A thank-you letter from Shova to you all who supported her

English translation: ChildFund Japan

Dear sponsors,


My family and I are fine. I hope that all of you are also doing well.
I am pleased to tell you that I have successfully completed the 10th grade and qualified for taking a School Leaving Certificate test*. My parents are also very pleased with this and are supporting me in studying for the exam. I will work hard to pass the exam.

I feel very happy that I was able to learn various things. Thanks for your support.

School supplies I received have made it easier for me to study. I was able to participate in various support programs, such as drawing and composition classes, sponsorship program meetings, orientation sessions, and picnics. I attended school every day and studied hard. I learnt to write characters properly and carefully and got into the habit of asking my teacher about the things I don't understand. I studied and played with my friends.

My family also participated in various support programs, including monthly support meetings. This experience taught my parents to pay more attention to hygiene, let us children go to school every day, and talk with our teachers about our progress at school.

Thanks to your support, my parents did not have to struggle to purchase school supplies for me. I took the School Leaving Certificate test, which would give me more opportunities to realize my dream.

On behalf of my family, I would like to express our profound gratitude for the support you have given me.

We are really grateful to you.

Sincerely, Shova

(*)School Leaving Certificate tests: In Nepal, students who finish the 10th grade (Middle Secondary Education) take School Leaving Certificate (SLC) tests. In recent years, the SLC qualification has become the minimum requirement for many situations in life, such as finding a job and obtaining a driving license.

  • Santosh (13 years old at the start of support), Nepal
  • Santosh now (right) and his mother
    * Finished school in March 2015

In some areas of Nepal, some elementary schools have Early Childhood Development (ECD) classes. Children generally begin attending the ECD classes from around 3 years of age, before entering elementary school at the age of six.

Santosh's parents did not recognize the importance of education and did not have plans to enroll him in elementary school as it would cost them a lot to purchase his stationery and learning materials. However, they changed their opinion about education when they attended a seminar for parents hosted by the sponsorship program. They started to think of sending Santosh to school, if support was available.

Santosh finally enrolled in elementary school at the age of seven, after it had been decided that he would receive the support from ChildFund Japan. He is now happily attending school every day to catch up with his peers. Santosh is a well-organized boy who still helps with household chores as before while doing his homework by planning his time. He is studying hard toward his dream of becoming a school teacher.

Date of Birth May 27, 1998
Favorite things Volleyball, reading, and drawing
Work at home Collecting food for livestock and feeding them, dish washing, and cooking
About his family

His parents make a living by growing corn, pulses, and buckwheat. As their field is in a hilly area and is not irrigated, the harvest is poor. His father also works as a construction worker for a month every year to earn extra money for the family, but they can't live on their meager income. They are in debt already and struggling to make ends meet.

I want to go to school!

"I want to become a teacher and teach children how to make studying fun, like my teacher did,” says Santosh. He loves studying and does not miss a day of school. His parents, who were initially reluctant to let Santosh attend school, are now very proud of him as he has been selected to receive support through the sponsorship program.

A thank-you letter from Santosh to you all who supported him

English translation: ChildFund Japan

Dear sponsors,


Both my family and I are fine. I hope all of you are well.

I sincerely thank you all for supporting my studies.
Thank you very much!

I am now in the 8th grade.

My family has six members. My parents work in the field.
My younger brother is a 4th grader, and my sister is a 1st grader.
My grandmother does the housework.

I like playing volleyball, reading books, and drawing pictures.

In the future, I want to be a school teacher.
So, I am studying hard now.
Thank you very much for your support.

With love,


The profiles of children who receive your support

  • Jhon (5th grader / 10 years old), the Philippines

Jhon is a cheerful boy with many friends at school and in his neighborhood.
He also actively participates in the activities hosted by other schools. His favorite sport is basketball and his dream is to get a job in peacekeeping.

Date of birth January 14, 2006
Favorite things Playing sports, writing, reading, drawing pictures, and playing traditional games
Work at home Taking care of livestock, collecting wood for fuel, dish washing, watering plants, and keeping bedding tidy
About his family

The family lives in a concrete house with a tin roof. They use water from a pump 10 meters away from the house as drinking water and use rice husks to make a fire for cooking. His father works as a driver and supports the family. His mother is currently pregnant and hopes that Jhon can receive support that will enable him to grow up healthy and improve the family's life.

A thank-you letter from Jhon to everyone who supported him

English translation: ChildFund Japan

Dear sponsors,

Hello, I'm Jhon. I'm happy to say hello to everyone. I'm very happy to know that you will help me to study.

I feel happy when I am able to answer correctly in school tests. I will study hard so that you will be pleased. My mom helps with my homework and practice at home.

I love playing tag. It's a lot of fun.
My favorite food is frog adobo*.

What are your favorite things?

With love,


(*)Frog adobo: Edible frogs cooked with soy sauce and vinegar

The profiles of children who graduated

Thanks to your help, children you supported have successfully finished school.
Support Period: April 2014 to July 2021 (7 years)

  • Maria (5th grader / 10 years old), the Philippines

Maria is a cheerful and responsible girl with beautiful black eyes.
At Maria's household, her grandfather is engaged in farming while her grandmother goes out to help neighboring farmers during rice-harvesting and planting seasons. To help her busy family members, Maria actively helps out with household chores. Although there are times when it is tough to fetch water and prepare meals, she does homework without fail and has never been absent from school.

Maria studies even harder than before after being selected to receive support from ChildFund Japan. Her dream is "to become a kind and competent teacher like her favorite teacher". She is very happy about being able to continue attending school.

Date of birth September 16, 2003
Favorite things Dancing, singing, and writing
Work at home Fetching water, cleaning, dish washing, and preparing meals
About her family

Her mother works in another province in the Philippines but she is unable to send money. Combined incomes from her grandfather's peasant farming, grandmother's farming work, and her aunt's office work are just enough to support the family.

I want to go to school!

When it was decided that Maria would receive support from ChildFund Japan, everyone in her family was delighted that she would be able to continue to go to school. "My teacher is very kind and always teaches me in the way that I can understand easily. I want to become a teacher like my teacher when I grow up. So, I'll study hard," says Maria. She is now showing more enthusiasm for studying.

A thank-you letter from Maria to everyone who supported her

English translation: ChildFund Japan

Hello everyone. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the support you provided to me and my family. I had a wonderful experience during my eight years as a child. It was a great blessing to get to know everyone and meet my fellow children.

I have learned a lot while receiving support from the program. I have gained the power to demonstrate leadership and the confidence to face the challenges of life. I am no longer a child but I promise that I will continue to strive to realize my dreams.

I will pursue a bachelor's degree in science at university and major in oral communication. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all the support my family and I received. Please take good care of yourself.

Everyone's Child,
Maria Angelica

English translation: ChildFund Japan

Dear sponsors,


It's nice to connect with you. I am very happy that you have become my sponsors.

A new school year will soon begin. I promise I will work hard, because your support makes me feel that I should do my best. Where did you spend your summer vacation*? I hope that you had a good time.

Please take good care of yourselves.
May God bless you.

With love,


(*)Summer vacation is between April and May in the Philippines.

The profile of a child who used to receive support

  • Mark (12 years old at the start of support), the Philippines
  • Mark now (left) and his mother

Mark, who has a gentle and cheerful character, is everyone's favorite. He loves and looks after his 3 years younger brother. "Mark helps us out by doing the housework, such as fetching water and cleaning, as we are busy with farm work," say his parents.
When his parents are especially busy with farm work, he is also in charge of cooking meals. Since there is no gas supply to the house, he has to make a fire first to prepare meals. When he finishes washing dishes after the evening meal, it is already late at night. Even in such circumstances, Mark never fails to do his homework and gets good marks at school.
As it has now been decided that Mark would receive support from ChildFund Japan, Mark is studying hard to realize his dream of becoming a policeman to protect people's lives.

Date of birth December 6, 2001
Favorite things Playing sports and playing outside
Work at home Helping with farm work, fetching water, cleaning, dish washing, preparing meals, and watering plants
About his family

He lives with his parents and younger brother in a simple hut made of nipa palm and bamboo with a tin roof. His father works as a peasant farmer. Although both parents help other farmers during the agricultural season for extra money, their income is small. They are struggling to make ends meet.

I want to go to school!

"I love my school where I can study and play with my friends," Mark smiles. "I want to study hard to make my dream come true. And I want to support my family," he continues. His parents, who have been hoping to be able to keep Mark attending school for his future, are really delighted that the support will give him a better future.

A thank-you letter from Mark to everyone who supported him

English translation: ChildFund Japan

Dear sponsors,

Hello. How are you? I hope you are doing well. My family and I are fine. I want to tell you that I am thankful for all the support you gave me and my family.
I appreciate that you gave me the things I needed for school, such as notebooks, paper, shoes, and bags. I am also grateful that you paid my tuition fees. I really appreciate all your support. I am very happy that you got involved in our lives. Please accept my sincere thanks for the help.

My family and I have decided to move to another city to live with my older sister. I'm sure I can do well there as well, so please don't worry.

My older sister will help me with my studies. Sadly, I must say goodbye. I will never forget you all. As sponsors' presence encourages me, I will continue to study hard. Please always take good care of yourselves.
I sincerely love you all.

With love,


At Kumapon, we will continue to offer charity coupons in cooperation with ChildFund Japan.
We appreciate and look forward to your continued support in the future.