September 2011

2011 Activity Report: Supporting Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake

It has been more than six months since the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred in March 2011, but many of the problems caused by the disaster still remain unsolved.
People all over Japan cried and were left devastated by the unprecedented disaster.

Though we thought that what we could do might not be enough and felt powerless, the GMO Internet Group decided to start a fundraising campaign through the Group companies' services, such as "Kumapon by GMO" and "GMO Toku-Toku Point," to help those who support the recovery from the disaster.
The campaign slogan is "What We Can Do."

We would like to thank you for your kind support and report the activities that helped those affected recover from the disaster.

2011 Support Activity Report

Non-profit organization ChildFund Japan has reported how they spent our donations as well as the details of their disaster recovery support projects. The GMO Internet Group has received a letter of appreciation from Takeshi Kobayashi, Executive Director of ChildFund Japan.

The GMO Internet Group has been a point of contact for people who want to make donations. We sincerely thank everyone who supported the projects for their good will. Below is a report from ChildFund Japan on their support activities.

August 2011

Support for affected children:
"We are with you!"

A project to send messages and stationery sets to children affected by the disaster was started in cooperation with children and their parents at Aoyama Gakuin Kindergarten. Your donations were used as funds for operations and purchasing donated goods.

We purchased stationery sets and cooling scarves for preventing heatstroke. They were delivered through Iwate Prefecture Teachers Union to 16,000 students from 99 elementary and junior high schools in the affected areas within the prefecture and its neighboring areas, where support was especially needed.

In June, messages and stationery sets were also delivered to 1,500 students in Minamisoma, Fukushima Prefecture.

Thanks to your kind cooperation, we were able to encourage the children whose lives are still very difficult.

  • Students receive messages
  • Stationery sets delivered to students

August 2011

Support for summer festivals and summer Bon dance festivals at temporary housing complexes in Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture

Summer festivals and summer Bon dance festivals were held at four temporary housing complexes in Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture, with the aim of creating communities where people can get to know and help each other. We assisted the operation and supported the costs of the festivals.

The summer festivals and summer Bon dance festivals gave the affected areas' residents, who had been forced to live in difficult conditions in temporary housing, opportunities to get to know and interact with each other and put a smile on their faces.

  • A scene from a summer festival
  • GMO Kumapon and ChildFund Japan paper fans

Please accept our sincere gratitude for the support you offered.
We appreciate and look forward to your continued cooperation in the future.