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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1.Privacy Policy
2.Usage Purposes of Personal Information
3.Provision of Information to Third Parties and Shared Usage
4.Proper Acquisition of Personal Information
5.Disclosure of Personal Information
6.Claims and Inquiries

GMO Internet, Inc. (hereafter “GMO Internet”,“we” or “our”) recognizes the importance of protecting personal information in the operation of its Internet Infrastructure and Online Advertising and Media, Internet Securities and Mobile Entertainment businesses and the entire company adheres strictly to the following Privacy Policy.
We also cooperate with distributors, industry organizations and government agencies related to its Internet Infrastructure business Online Advertising & Media, Internet Securities and Mobile Entertainment businesses and seek to gain customer trust by taking an aggressive approach to protect personal information.

1.Privacy Policy
GMO Internet complies with laws and ordinances of Japan, including the Act on the Protection of Personal information, provisions of telecommunications business law relating to privacy of communications (hereafter “the laws”), the Guidelines for the Protection of Personal Information in the Telecommunications Business Field (hereafter “the guidelines”), and our own internal regulations. The following privacy policy was implemented with the objective of ensuring that personal information handled in the course of business operations is appropriately managed and protected, and to operate and improve a personal information protection system that is trusted by stakeholders including customers, vendors and stockholders (hereafter “stakeholders” or “you”) as well as directors and staff of GMO Internet (hereafter “employees”).
    Compliance with Laws and Regulations
  • In the acquisition, usage and all other handling of stakeholder personal information, GMO Internet complies with the laws, the guidelines and this Privacy Policy.
  • Declaration of Specific Usage Purposes
  • GMO Internet determines and declares in advance the purpose of use of personal information obtained, to the extent possible. When personal data is obtained directly as a result of details provided by a stakeholder in a contract or other documents, the purpose of use shall be explicitly stated in advance. Please refer to the following usage purposes of each service provider.
  • Use within the Scope of Usage Purposes
  • GMO Internet uses stakeholder personal information only to the extent necessary to achieve previously determined and declared usage purposes. However, we may use stakeholder personal information outside the scope of usage purposes where provided for in Article 6, paragraph 3 of the guidelines.
  • Period of Retention
  • Except where otherwise prescribed by law, GMO Internet determines the length of time it is necessary to retain stakeholder personal information to achieve the objectives of pre-disclosed usage purposes. At the expiry of this period or when the objectives of the usage purposes are achieved, stakeholder personal information is promptly destroyed. However this limitation does not apply in cases specified in Article 10, paragraph 2 of “the guidelines”.
  • Secure Information Management
  • GMO Internet strives to maintain current and accurate records of stakeholder personal information, and take necessary and appropriate measures to ensure secure management in order to safeguard against unauthorized access, falsification and damage.
  • Employee Supervision
  • GMO Internet conducts necessary and appropriate supervision of employees to ensure secure management of stakeholder personal information. In addition we conduct training to ensure employees handle personal information appropriately.
  • Subcontractor Supervision
  • GMO Internet may entrust some or all of the handling of stakeholder personal information to a third party within the scope of usage purposes. When selecting subcontractors, we verify that personal information is handled suitably and demand that stakeholder personal information be handled appropriately. In addition GMO Internet conducts necessary and appropriate supervision of the subcontractor through measures such as the inclusion in contracts of provisions relating to the auditing of personal information.
  • Provision of Information to Third Parties
  • GMO Internet will not disclose stakeholder personal information to third parties without consent, except where provided for under Article 15, paragraph 1 of the guidelines or where otherwise allowed by law.
  • Shared Usage
  • Where certain personal information is supplied to a third party as allowed for under Article 15 paragraph 4 of the guidelines, GMO Internet is not required to treat that party as a third party and may entrust the handling of stakeholder personal information, provide or share the use of stakeholder personal information with specified individuals without obtaining prior consent from the stakeholders. The scope of shared use is confined mainly to the GMO Internet Group. However, information may also be shared with other specified parties. Details of shared stakeholder personal information, usage purposes and the relevant privacy officer are listed below.
  • Requests for Disclosure etc.
  • Stakeholders wishing to be informed of the usage purposes of personal information, or who seek disclosure, correction, addition or removal of details, or who wish to prevent GMO Internet or a third party using personal information should apply in accordance with our procedures. Please refer below to the procedures for requesting disclosure of personal information.
  • Management of Claims
  • GMO Internet deals promptly and appropriately with claims and other inquiries from stakeholders regarding the handling of personal information. Please find contact details at the end of this document.
  • Handling of Leakages
  • In occurrences such as the leakage of personal information, relevant facts will be promptly provided to stakeholders. and the leakage will be quickly and appropriately handled.
  • Ongoing Improvement
  • GMO Internet strives to continually improve internal handling of personal information through the improvement of internal regulations regarding the protection of personal information and through continued employee training and internal auditing.

  • June 1, 2005
    Masatoshi Kumagai
    CEO and Representative Director
    GMO Internet, Inc.

2.Usage Purposes of Personal Information

GMO Internet uses personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the following usage purposes for GMO AppsCloud (hereafter “this service”) .

  • 1. For the purpose of tasks relating to provision of services including contract renewal and updating of information.
  • 2. To provide information about usage and environment of this service including “Cloud Environment Usage Status”, and “Service Charges and Invoicing”.
  • 3. To send out documents relevant to the operation and provision of this service and to provide information related to this service by telephone, email, fax, etc.
  • 4. To register to GMO Internet or GMO Internet Group services other than this service, such as content delivery and information processing services, etc.
  • 5. To register to services offered by a company to which GMO Internet provides services and to provide information pertaining to those services.
  • 6. For the purpose of analysis and to conduct surveys with the objective of improving service and other services provided by GMO Internet and affiliated companies.
  • 7. For the purpose of researching and developing new products and services related to this service, GMO Internet or GMO Internet Group.
  • 8. To provide systems consultation relating to the use of this service.
  • 9. To develop, maintain, and operate hardware equipment related to this service.
  • 10. To conduct campaigns associated with this service.
  • 11. For the purposes of billing, accounting, invoicing, and debt collection. (Includes cases in which personal information may be handled by a third party.)
  • 12. To create and analyze statistics for business analysis.
  • 13. To conduct market research and other investigative research in the telecommunications business.
  • 14. To audit and monitor the handling of personal information and respond to requests for disclosure under the laws.
  • 15. To provide to third parties (only parties that have been approved to handle personal information).
  • 16. To manage the contractual relationship with third parties.
  • 17. To disclose information requested by Japanese and international public institutions.
  • 18. To achieve any other purposes within the scope of the consent provided by the stakeholders.

3.Provision of Information to Third Parties and Shared Usage

Stakeholder personal information acquired from customers of GMO AppsCloud is provided to and shared with other parties as detailed below. Stakeholder personal information shall not be provided to or shared with third parties except in the following cases. GMO Internet is accountable for the management of personal information and shall handle customer inquiries through its Customer Support service.

Personal Information

Category Type of Information
Identity Information Organization name, name, address, telephone number, cellular phone number, fax number, employer details, email address, and contents of contracts etc.
Contract Information Customer number, contract type, application date, contract date, usage dates, product name, contract amount, usage amount, administrator account, password
Transaction Information Monthly charges, payment method, account transfers (account number, name of account holder), card information (card number, name of account holder), etc. associated with the service contract
Usage Information Usage balance, transaction status and history, and other transaction details
Personal Identification Details Details that are listed on copies of applicant etc. Driver's Licenses, Passports, Certificates of Residence, Seal Registration Certificates, and Certificate of Foreign Resident Registrations, etc.
Company Name Personal Information Provided Purpose of Use
WELLNET CORPORATION Billing details (name of company, name of department, position, name of contact, zip code, address), customer number, bank account details (name of financial institution, name of branch, account type) Billing

Note: Personal information may be shared within the GMO Internet Group.
    I. Extent of Shared Use
  • GMO Internet Group companies (subsidiaries and affiliated companies listed at the following URL:
    *The composition of the group is subject to change as a result of new companies being established, group restructuring and other events. Please check the above link for the latest information on the composition of the GMO Internet Group.
  • II. Usage Purposes of Personal Information
  • Each company in the GMO Internet Group has defined usage Purposes of personal information. Information shared among group companies shall be used in accordance with the relevant usage purposes.
  • III. Shared Personal Details
  • Name, address, email address, telephone number, contract details, and other information within the limits of the above usages purposes.
  • IV.
  • When the stakeholder personal information is shared outside the group special measures are required.
  • V.
  • Stakeholder personal information may be supplied to third parties in the provision of this service only after consent is obtained in advance from the stakeholder.
  • VI.
  • In some cases the handling of personal information is entrusted to a company outside the group. However, in these cases GMO Internet only selects companies that have higher personal information protection management standards than our own. Required measures are taken in regard to a duty of confidentiality agreement. At the same time GMO Internet ensures appropriate management and supervision of the concerned company.
  • VII.
  • GMO Internet may disclose personal information when ordered to do so by the government or a court order.

4. Proper Acquisition of Personal Information
  • GMO Internet acquires personal information only as necessary and through appropriate measures.
  • 2.
  • GMO Internet may set cookies on client computers for certain reasons. We use personal information (IP address and the account names, passwords and IDs required to use some services) contained in cookies. This information is only used for the purposes listed in the usage purposes stated by GMO Internet.
  • 3.
  • Some emails sent to customers advertising GMO Internet services direct the customer to a URL with parameters (personal URL) that contains encrypted information identifying the customer. Information about customer browsing activity that is collected from these personal URLs may be used by our services, however information is only used for the purposes listed in the usage purposes stated by GMO Internet.

5.Disclosure of Personal Information
  • When an individual seeks disclosure, amendment, deletion or notification of usage purposes in regard to their own personal information (excluding information acquired from stockholders), GMO Internet shall respond within a reasonable time in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information Articles 25 and 26 following the process determined by GMO Internet and laid out below in section 2. Where no such data exists, the individual shall be informed immediately. (In regard to requests about personal information acquired from stockholders such as transfers and bank accounts to which dividends are paid, it is necessary to inquire to the company’s stockholder register administrator, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation. Please see section 6 for details regarding stockholder inquiries.)
  • 2.
  • Requests for disclosure etc. shall be dealt with in the following manner. Please be aware that we will not accept requests by telephone, fax, email, verbally or by any method other than that laid out below.
  • (1)
  • Please contact GMO Internet for the relevant form (Personal information disclosure request, Personal information amendment request, Notification of purpose of usage request).
  • (2)
  • Fill in the required details.
  • (3)
  • If applying in person you will need to supply the following documents.
  • 1) A copy of your Certificate of Residence or certificate of matters in the alien registration records (made within less than a month of submitting the request) and one of the following.
    • (ⅰ)Driver's license
    • (ⅱ)Passport copy
    • (ⅲ)Health insurance copy
    • (ⅳ)Pension book copy
    • (ⅴ)Resident's card
  • If a proxy is applying on your behalf you will need to supply the following documents.
    • (ⅰ)Original copy of a Certificate of Residence of the relevant person
    • (ⅱ)Power of Attorney form
    • (ⅲ)Original Seal Registration Certificate of the person for whom the Power of Attorney form was created
  • * In case the proxy is a statutory representative, documents verifying the credentials of the representative should be supplied instead of the above in addition to one of the following.
    • (ⅳ)he proxy’s driver’s license (copy)
    • (ⅴ)The proxy’s passport (copy)
    • (ⅵ)The proxy’s health insurance card (copy)
    • (ⅶ)The proxy's pension book (copy)
    • (ⅷ)The proxy's resident’s card (copy)
  • Please send (2) and (3) (and (4) if the request is being submitted by a proxy) by certified mail to the relevant service (see below) at the following address.
  • Address
    GMO Internet, GMO AppsCloud Personal Information Manager
    Cerulean Tower, 26-1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
    In regard to requests for notification of purpose of usage and disclosure of personal data, after verifying the identity of the sender of the documents, GMO Internet will send out an invoice for handling fees. Please submit payment by bank transfer to the account listed on the invoice. Any bank transfer costs should be paid by the customer. Handling fees are charged for each service for which information is disclosed.
    In regard to requests other than notification of purpose of usage and disclosure of personal data, we will proceed as soon as verification is complete
    Contents Fee
    Handling Fee JPY 5,400
    (tax included)
    In regard to requests for notification of usage purposes and disclosure of personal data, after confirming receipt of payment, GMO Internet will send a response by certified mail.
    * If you have any queries regarding the response please inquire at the relevant point of contact listed below 6.

6.Claims and Inquiries

Please submit any claims or other inquiries for disclosure in regard to personal information to the points of contact listed below. Please be aware that we will not process requests received in any other form (including visiting our offices in person).

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