May 12, 2023

GMO Internet Group Community Cleanup Activity Report (Shibuya Ward Cleanup)

GMO Internet Group participates in the Shibuya Ward Simultaneous Cleanup and conducts its own cleanup activities at its offices nationwide to achieve a sustainable society.

Shibuya City Simultaneous Cleanup Day

Shibuya Ward designates April 28 each year as "4 (Shi), 2 (Bu), 8 (Ya) Day," when the ward, ward residents, and business establishments come together to clean up the ward.

In fiscal 2023, 49 organizations and 98 people participated, and GMO Internet Group supports this initiative and participates in it every year.

Shibuya area cleanup activities by a total of 272 people (from April 2022)

GMO Internet Group conducts its own monthly cleanup activities in the areas surrounding the Group's first headquarters (Shibuya Cerulean Tower) and second headquarters (Shibuya Fukuras) by the partners (employees) of each Group company.

From April 2022 to March 2023, 11 local community cleanup events were held. A total of 272 partners participated, contributing to the local community and deepening exchanges with local residents.

Community cleanup activities at various locations nationwide (Sendai, Miyazaki, Kitakyushu)

GMO Internet Group regularly conducts cleanup activities not only in Shibuya Ward, but also at its other locations nationwide to show our appreciation to the local community.

■Sendai Office (January 2022 - April 2023 results)

  • Total number of times: 19
  • Total number of participants: 76
  • Organizer: GMO Internet Group

■GMO hinata/Miyazaki office (Jan 2022 - Apr 2023 results)

  • Total number of times: 10
  • Total number of participants: 137
  • Organizer: GMO Internet Group

■GMO kitaQ/Kitakyushu office (April 2022 - March 2023 results)

  • Total number of times: 11
  • Total number of participants: approx. 100
  • Organizer: Yonemachi Neighborhood Association, Kokura-Chuo School District

GMO Internet Group will continue to contribute to the revitalization of local communities in all regions of Japan where it operates, and will continue its efforts toward a sustainable society.