November 11, 2019

Plastic-free company cafeteria

Shibuya City Simultaneous Cleanup Day November 1st 2019

GMO Internet Group has begun “Plastic-free” activity at cafeteria(communication space named “Synergy Café GMO Yours”)in order to reduce the amount of plastic trash which leads marine pollution since November 11, 2019.
With this “Plastic-free” activity as a start of many, GMO Internet Group participates “Plastic Smart Campaign” conducted by the Ministry of the Environment in order to realize the sustainable society.

About our initiatives

GMO Internet Group has been encouraging our partners(employees) to use their own bottles at company cafeteria in order to reduce plastic trash. Those drinks for guests are served with plastic cups which accounts for approximately 25% of the total serves of drink. Base on this situation, we have begun to switch from plastic cups to paper cups and put an end to use of certain plastic goods such as plastic straws.
It is expected to reduce 2.5t(*1) plastic trash yearly as well as the CO2 emissions from waste incineration.

<Our initiatives>(As of November 11, 2019)

  • Putting an end to use of plastic straw as a general rule
  • Switching from plastic cups to paper cups
Future Plan
  • Use water based ink(*2) for paper cup print
  • Switch to paper containers for take-away lunch
  • Switch to cutlery made of bioplastics for take-away lunch
  • Change to plastic bags which contains bioplastics for take-away lunch

GMO Internet Group continues to work for reducing plastic waste and taking initiatives to realize sustainable society.

■About "Plastics Smart"

  • "Plastics Smart" is a campaign founded by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan in October 2018.
    In order to solve marine plastics waste problem which has become serious concerns all over the world currently, the campaign encourages to invite various companies, organizations, governments and research&Institutes and spread their cases domestic and overseas.

  • Plastics Smart

(※1)Based on the internal investigation.
(※2)Contains less VOC, substances of air pollutant, compared to oil based ink.