April 26, 2019

Shibuya City Simultaneous Cleanup Day(Shibuya Day)

Shibuya City Simultaneous Cleanup Day April 26 2019

GMO Internet Group engages in social contribution activities as a part of CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)activity. We participated in “Shibuya City Simultaneous Cleanup Day” which is a community cleanup event conducted by residents in Shibuya City and companies/organizations based in Shibuya City on April 26, 2019

About 500 people from 62 companies/organizations and individuals cleaned up the city including volunteered GMO Internet Group partners. We will continue to take part in these activities for further community contribution.



  • Host :Shibuya City Environmental policy section Build a Clean Community Subsection
  • Place :Around Shibuya Station near the Hachiko Square
  • Company/Organization :62 companies/organizations
  • Number of Participants :About 500 people
  • Activity Result :25 garbage bags (90kg per bag) in 30 minutes