December 10, 2020

GMO Digikids, a programing experience event for elementary school students

GMO Internet Group, Inc. has launched “GMO DigiKids,” a programming education support project for children.
As the first of activities, we published videos on YouTube that enable children to study programming basics, as well as held online workshop events sponsored by LAC and Dell Technologies, supported by Kitakyushu Municipal Board of Education.


Published videos on YouTube

They learned several programming basics, “sequence” “branch,” and “loop.” (Approx. 6-8 minutes per a video)

Workshop event

They completed assignments prepared in advance using Scratch.

STEP1 Let’s create “Movement”
STEP2 Let’s create a “Goal”
STEP3 Let’s create a “Collision Detection”
STEP4 Let’s “Jump”

*Participants connected from home through Zoom.
* The workshop was held a total of 3 times during a span of 2 days (Sep 20 and Oct 17)


Do you want to continue learning programming? Yes100%

A total of 22 children participated in the 3 workshops.
At the end of each workshop, we asked the children a question, “Do you want to continue to learn programming,” which is our main objective of the program.
We are glad to see that all 22 children have answered “Yes”.

GMO Internet Group, Inc. will continue to support the field of education sites and work on activities that will lead to the development of human resources who will play an important role in the next generation in of the IT industry.