July 20, 2018

Workplace experience by junior high school student from Shibuya City

GMO Internet Group accepts junior high school and high school students for workplace experience and company visit as a supporting program to develop human resources who will take the role in the future.

GMO Internet Group, Inc. accepted a junior high school student from Shibuya City as workplace experience from July 9th to 13th, 2018 for 5 days.

Contents of workplace experience

During his visit, we provided him with experience to work at each department of GMO Internet Group, Inc.

In the Administrative Department which is the backbone of the company, he learned our businesses by experiencing job for Public Relations. He also experienced service planning and service promotion in each team of business department.

He was able to learn various things such as marketing strategy, digital marketing method, and branding strategy through attending meetings for service planning and service promotion.

<5 Days Program>

  • Day 1 Company profile and Group Public Relations/Investor
    Relations (Check of published article)
  • Day 2 Access Business Department (GMO TokutokuBB / WiMAX)
  • Day 3 Domain Business Department (Onamae.com)
  • Day 4 Hosting Business Department
  • Day 5 Wrap Up

Student Voice

“I am sure that this experience that I had worked for GMO will be instructive for the future. This workplace experience definitely allowed me to broaden my horizon and dreams that I had never imagined before. This opportunity gave me a hope with chasing my dream for the future.” He gave us this feedback on the experience.

GMO Internet Group will continue to accept junior high and high school students for letting them experience to “work” through offering workplace experiences and company visits, which expands their horizons for the “future.”