With Partners

Office environment and various support schemes

GMO Internet Group has grown thanks to the support from our partners.
Therefore, with full line-up of support system, GMO Internet is putting effort into creating the process to gather advanced partners from all over the world, and focusing on realizing an office environment where everyone can feel comfortable and show his/her ability.

  • Office Environment

    GMO Internet Group has an office environment rich in creativity in terms of ways to allow our partners to show their abilities, including welfare facilities such as GMO Yours (synergy café available 24 hours a day, every day), an internal nursery, and a massage service for relaxation.

  • Engineer Support

    GMO Internet has support schemes for engineers and creators, such as providing R&D environment (our services are made available for free) and opportunities for skills improvement (supplementing the cost of buying books and the latest gadgets, and joining development camps).

  • Health Support

    We support group partners' healthy lives with many curricula – foods, relaxation, activities, and health.

  • Learning Support

    GMO Internet supports group partners who are willing to learn actively, such as GMO Library where partners are able to study.

  • New business invention support

    GMO Internet Group set up the system to give shape to partners' new business ideas and business plans.

  • Communication

    We help organize events such as GMO Family Smile Day, which will allow us to promote active communication with families in addition to group partners.

  • Approach to Employment

    We will pursue hiring locals through regional or overseas offices. In addition, we are actively hiring handicapped people who are willing to work at a special subsidiary based on the Act on the Promotion of the Employment of Disabled Persons.