June 17, 2011

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June 16, 2011
Press Release
                                                                                                                               GMO Registry, Inc.

 GMO Registry Selected to Operate New Okinanawan gTLDs .okinawa and .ryukyu
New geographic TLDs to promote Okinawa to world
 Tokyo June 16, 2011 GMO Internet Group company GMO Registry, today announces it has been selected to provide application assistance, backend operations, and marketing support for the proposed new geographic gTLDS, .okinawa and .ryukyu.
Internet governing body, ICANN is set to expand the existing generic top level domain space currently limited to just 22 domains. Applications may open within the year and are expected to attract interest from regional governments, global brands, corporations, and special interest groups worldwide.
Okinawa is the southernmost prefecture of Japan, and its sub tropical climate and beautiful ocean surrounds make it a popular tourist destination. The Ryukyu Islands are a chain of islands in the west pacific governed by Okinawa prefecture. Eight Okinawan businesses have come together to invest in the establishment of new registry company DotRyukyu (expected to be complete in August). GMO Registry has been chosen to partner with the new registry to provide support during the application process, and to build and operate its backend systems. The two companies will also engage in joint marketing. 
GMO Registry will also partner with Canon, Inc. and Hitachi, Inc. to help the two companies secure their respective brands as gTLDs when the first round of applications opens. DotRyukyu has chosen to work together with GMO Internet Group company GMO Registry in order to benefit from the entire group’s industry experience, and strong technology.
GMO Registry
GMO Registry was established in 2009 to provide all-in registry solutions including application assistance, system architecture, back-end operation, and marketing support for new generic Top Level Domains. The company also operates ccTLDs and is working to secure the new gTLD .shop. With DotShop GMO Registry aims to provide a dedicated namespace for ecommerce businesses worldwide.
GMO Internet Group
GMO Internet Group is a leading force in the Internet industry offering one of the most comprehensive ranges of Internet services worldwide. The group is the top provider of domain registration, web hosting, ecommerce, and payment processing solutions in Japan and operates a host of other Internet services including global online security services, search engine marketing and online securities trading. At the center of the group is GMO Internet, Inc. (TSE: 9449) headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. 
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Domain Terminology
Generic Top Level Domain. In June 2008 the Board of ICANN, the organization that coordinates the Internet’s addressing system, approved a recommendation overhauling the rules for introducing TLDs. Until now users have been restricted to 22 gTLDs (.com, .net etc.), and with the exception of country and regional TLDs, applications for specific new gTLDS were solicited by ICANN and subjected to their application and screening process. The new gTLD rules would significantly relax the existing process, paving the way for organizations to put forward their own applications for top level domains. Applications are expected to open in 2011.
An organization responsible for the central management of a domain name. Behind each TLD is a registry that manages all original domain name data.
Country code Top Level Domain. Top level domains based on two letter ISO 3166-1 country codes. There are approximately 250 ccTLDs used to identify countries including “.jp” (Japan), “.us” (US) or “.cn” (China).
GMO Registry, Inc.
Company Name
Cerulean Tower, 26-1 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Masatosho Kumagai
Business Description
- Domain registry services
JPY100 million
GMO Internet Inc.
Company Name
GMO Internet, Inc. http://www.gmo.jp/en 
(TSE First Section Code: 9449)
Cerulean Tower, 26-1 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Masatoshi Kumagai
Business Description
- Web Infrastructure & Ecommerce  
-Internet Media
- Internet Securities  
- Social Media & Smartphone Platform
JPY 2 billion

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