January 8, 2019

GMO Internet Will Launch the Website of Children's Investment Project, Which Is an Investment Opportunity Offered to Children by Yoshiaki Murakami, And Start Accepting Applications from Potential Participants

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Tokyo, Japan – January 8, 2019 – GMO Internet (https://www.gmo.jp/en/ ) will today launch the website of Children's Investment Project (https://imakimi.jp/ ), which is an investment opportunity offered to children in collaboration with The Murakami Family Foundation.

This project allows middle school and high school students*1 in Japan to experience investment with up to JPY 100,000 worth of capital. The Murakami Family Foundation will provide up to JPY 100,000 to each child for him/her to make the investment.

*1 This project targets students with Japanese citizenship at the time of application.

Background of launching Children's Investment Project

“From savings to investment (wealth accumulation),” which was one of the government's economic policies in 2001, has not been fully understood by Japanese society until now.

Amid such circumstance, Yoshiaki Murakami, who is the founder of The Murakami Family Foundation, is working on investment education for children based on the idea that experiencing investment as a child will be a unique opportunity to understand how to use the money properly and think about it seriously. However, most parents and their children are unable to actually make the investment even if they are interested because they have concerns about the investment risk, and do not have unencumbered funds.

Therefore, we launched this project in September 2018 to provide children, who will be responsible for the future of Japan, an opportunity to experience the investment. The Murakami Family Foundation, Gentosha, and GMO Internet Group are currently preparing to launch this project.

The summary of the project, and accepting applications from potential participants

“Do not just save money but spend it properly, that is, circulate money, allowing the economy to continue to grow and creating a flexible and healthy society. It is important to learn about, interact with, and get along with the money since childhood to do so.” Based on the above idea, this project aims to allow children to actually experience investment in securities and financial markets, through which we expect to provide opportunities for children to think about and invest in equities and gain knowledge, as well as encourage the parents to be more interested in the investment, creating continuous investment opportunities.

The Murakami Family Foundation will provide up to JPY 100,000 to each child for him/her to make the investment, and the GMO Internet Group will realize and provide a trading environment for them.

■ Accepting applications from potential participants

GMO Internet will today launch the website of Children's Investment Project and start accepting applications from potential participants.

ApplicationMake an application by clicking the above URL and filling out the application form. We will send the details to the applicants shortly afterward.
TargetMiddle school and high school students with Japanese citizenship
ScheduleFebruary 2019 (plan)


The press release “GMO Internet provides investment opportunities to children: Gentosha and GMO Internet Group join in the ‘Children’s Investment Project’ by Yoshiaki Murakami” published on September 6, 2019
URL: https://www.gmo.jp/news/article/6152/

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