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GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.

  • PG Multi-Payment Service

    PG Multi-Payment Service is a comprehensive payment service for mail order or ecommerce operators that offers a variety of payment methods such as credit card payment and convenience store payment.
    PG Multi-Payment Service is employed by many entities, regardless of the business size, industry and operation type. Its customer base includes startups, large online shops, and public institutions such as National Tax Agency and Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

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  • GMO-PG Processing Platform

    GMO-PG Processing Platform provides various payment solutions that help financial institutions or financial service providers start payment-related services by enabling payment infrastructure building in short time, at low cost and with ease. Services covered under this comprehensive platform assist you with issuing debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards and house cards as well as merchant businesses that require functions of contract management, settlement and card transactions.

  • GMO Cashless Platform

    "GMO Cashless Platform" is a multi-payment service that supports QR / barcode payment for physical stores.
    It realizes one-stop system connection, sales settlement, etc., and reduces the burden of introducing QR / barcode payment for member stores.
    We will provide a central platform for cashless payments in cooperation with POS cash registers, payment terminals, payment machines, etc.

  • Ginko Pay Base System

    It is a service that allows you to instantly withdraw your bank account from your smartphone app to payment.
    Banks can not only develop their own smartphone payment service utilizing the infrastructure system of ""Ginko Pay"", but also multi-bank payment function that enables mutual cooperation between introducing banks (By mutual access between banks), it is possible to provide it as a service that can be used across banks and regions.
    Users who have an account at a bank that has introduced ""Ginko Pay"" can download the smartphone app for users and register their own account in advance when shopping at member stores. , QR code / barcode payment will deduct the money from your bank account and complete payment.

  • Payment

    An online payment service “ Payment” is a powerful driver of your global expansion and a perfect tool to reach local shoppers.
    By introducing our “ Payment” service, you will be able to use not only credit card payment, but also bank transfer, convenience store payment, or other payment methods that are commonly used in countries of your business expansion.

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GMO Pepabo, Inc.

GMO Epsilon, Inc.

  • Epsilon

    By signing a contract with GMO Epsilon, Inc. alone, merchants can enjoy services from multiple credit card brands and abundant payment services such as convenience store payment. This service is free of initial introduction cost.

  • fincode byGMO

    fincode byGMO is an online payment infrastructure designed to help startups succeed. fincode byGMO allows for instant online account opening and same-day card payment acceptance. It also provides an intuitive API and low-code components to reduce implementation man-hours.

  • Epsilon Shipping Service

    Our Epsilon Shipping Service gives you access to Yu-Pack by Japan Post and Kangaroo Delivery by Seino Holdings Co., Ltd. at more reasonable prices than market.
    You can reduce operation cost of ecommerce shop with Epsilon Shipping Service.

  • GMO Epsilon Transaction Lending

    You need to be a merchant of GMO Epsilon, Inc. to get access to this lending service. Merchants can receive capital in 5 operating days from the day of application at a minimum.
    The service meets rapid surge of capital demand during peak seasons.

  • Cycle byGMO

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GMO Payment Service, Inc.

  • GMO Payment After Delivery

    “GMO Payment After Delivery” is a credit payment service free of overdue risk that GMO Payment Service, Inc. provides.
    GMO Payment Service, Inc. reimburses payments to merchants regardless of buyer’s payment status.
    Additionally, you can leave invoice issuing, dunning and incoming payment management to GMO Payment Service, Inc.

    Buyers can make a payment at convenience stores, banks or Japan Post Bank after receiving goods.
    You will not miss the purchase needs of buyers if you introduce our safe and convenient payment method.

    Reasons to choose “GMO Payment After delivery”
    ①Credit decision is made real time and automatically based on transferred data.
    ②Real-time credit decision allow payments to be made while buyers are highly motivated to make a purchase.
    ③Inventory’s low-turnover risk can be mitigated as a result of increasing sales volume.

  • GMO掛け払い



GMO Financial Gate, Inc.

  • GMO-FG’s multi-payment terminal

    GMO-PG group is part of the joint scheme of JCCA (Japan Consumer Credit Association). With our development of CCT payment terminals and our CCT center (payment processing center), we meet function requirements by JCCA. In addition, we run a 24-7 call center. These are to provide payment services to merchants of various industries including merchandise, restaurants and services.


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