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GMO Pepabo adds Apple Pay as a payment method to its handmade market minne
 GMO Internet Group company GMO Pepabo, Inc.’s handmade market minne ( ), which is the largest* such market in Japan, plans to offer Apple Pay as a payment method upon its launch in Japan this October. With Apple Pay, purchases made in-app and online on devices such as the iPhone 7 and iPhone7 Plus can be done in a simpler, faster, safer, and more reliable way. Apple Pay keeps the users’ personal information safe, and prioritizes maintaining a high level of security.

 Currently, minne boasts 275,000 sellers with over 3.8 million items for sale, making it the largest CtoC (customer to customer) handmade market in Japan (as of September 7, 2016). By the end of August 2016, minne reached 6.29 million downloads and has a large number of active users. We want even more individuals to experience the handmade feel of the items listed on minne because of their high level of quality and the imaginative ideas behind them, which is why we are always thinking of ways to better meet users’ needs by continually adding new features and improving the market’s system. As the domestic leader of the CtoC market, we are making our services compatible with Apple Pay right from its launch in order to offer a revolutionary and secure “new kind of shopping experience” to bring sellers and buyers closer together.
(*)As of September 7, 2016. Based on in-house research, comparing the amount of items listed for sale on the top 4 domestic CtoC online markets. 

 Setting up Apple Pay is fast and easy, and the service is ready to use after simply registering your credit card or prepaid card information. Purchases made will continue to count towards related credit card point programs. 

 Apple Pay can be used to make in-app as well as online purchases, and when done on iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, they can be made by simply placing your finger on the Touch ID. Because there is no need to enter the delivery address, contact information or credit card details, payments can be made easily even when on the go. Apple Pay’s in-app and online payments are also possible on iPhone 6 and later, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, and all iPads from iPad mini 3 and later. For Mac computers with macOS Sierra installed after 2012, Apple Pay can be used on the Safari browser. Purchases will afterward need to be confirmed through an iPhone 6 or later or through an Apple Watch. 

 Security and the protection of personal information are core components of Apple Pay. In the case of a lost iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, simple enabling the Lost Mode on the “Find my iPhone” app will temporarily disable Apple Pay. By choosing the Erase option, all information stored on the device, including Apple Pay related information, can be deleted. You can also disable the Apple Pay option on 

 When Apple Pay is installed on a device such as an iPhone, the user’s credit card information is not stored directly on the device or Apple’s server. Each device has a unique Device Account Number, and all related information is encrypted and stored on the device’s Secure Element chip. When using Apple Pay, the user’s credit card information is never shared with third parties. 

 More details about Apple Pay can be found here:  

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