June 16, 2021

GMO Adam, Inc., which will bring content distribution
revolution through NFT marketplace Adam byGMO,
has been established!

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Tokyo, Japan – June 16, 2021 – GMO Internet Group (https://www.gmo.jp/en/ ) will realize an authentic, safe, and secure digital content payment and distribution, and support the online content distribution revolution utilizing a non-fungible token (NFT) by working on the development of Adam byGMO (https://adam.jp ), a new NFT*1 marketplace for sellers and buyers to be launched in August 2021.

GMO Adam, Inc. (“GMO Adam”) was established on Wednesday, June 16 through joint capital investment by GMO Financial Holdings, Inc., GMO Internet, Inc., SAMURAI PARTNERS, Inc. ("SAMURAI PARTNERS"), etc. to accelerate the online content distribution revolution further through Adam byGMO, a new NFT marketplace.

GMO Internet Group will develop and offer Adam byGMO with GMO Adam.
*1. NFT is intended to record the ID (which has the unique right that is not interchangeable), the holder information, the issued amount, and the number of times issued in a blockchain, and can prove ownership of things including digital content. The seller and the holder can generate revenue from the secondary and subsequent transactions by leveraging a program that keeps track of a relocation.

[The goal of GMO Adam]

In recent years, NFT is deemed to be able to prove uniqueness and ownership of things including digital content, such as characters and items in games, works of art, etc., is used in the real estate and finance sectors, and is a hot topic.

Entering cryptoassets business has enabled GMO Internet Group to accumulate expertise and blockchain technology. GMO Adam will make full use of them and is intended to develop its new marketplace. GMO Internet Group has determined the technical cooperation with MediBang Inc. on Monday, June 14, 2021, prior to the establishment to strengthen the development system.

GMO Adam's goal is to provide the NFT marketplace Adam byGMO with attractive content through collaboration with: SAMURAI PARTNERS, the strengths of which are to form alliances with creators and promotion; creators such as artists and singers; athletes; and content holders in each industry such as publishing industry and real estate industry. An easy-to-use UI/UX and payment methods can be mounted on Adam byGMO, opening up the NFT marketplace to more people. In addition, Adam byGMO will activate the online content distribution and realize the No. 1 NFT marketplace.

[History of the GMO Internet Group's cryptoassets business]

GMO Internet Group positions the cryptoassests business as its strategic business sector. GMO Coin, which is a consolidated subsidiary of GMO Financial Holdings, is registered as cryptoassets exchange business and type I financial instruments business, and has launched the cryptoassets exchange business in May 2017. GMO Internet has launched the cryptoassets mining business in December 2017. For the new services in the cryptoassets-related business domain, which consists of “exchange,” “mining” and “payment,” the US subsidiary GMO-Z.com Trust Company, Inc. has launched the world’s first Japanese yen-pegged stablecoin GYEN in March 2021.

By establishing GMO Adam, GMO Internet Group will make full use of know-how accumulated through these cryptoassets-related operations and services and the development of our own blockchain technology to provide NFT platform and wallets.

(1)NameGMO Adam, Inc.
(2)Location1-2-3 Dōgenzaka, Shibuya City, Tokyo
(3)Name & Title of RepresentativeMasatoshi Kumagai, Representative Director
Hideyuki Takashima, Representative Director
(4)Business DescriptionProviding NFT marketplace, managing the content, asset, etc. that use blockchain technology, etc.
(5)CapitalJPY 251,125,000
(6)EstablishmentJune 16, 2021 (planned)
(7)Major Shareholders and Ownership RatioGMO Financial Holdings, Inc.: 73.46%
GMO Internet, Inc.: 12.24%

* Ownership ratio is rounded down to two decimal places.

(1)Date of Resolution by the Board of DirectorsJune 16, 2021
(2) Date of Establishment of the GMO AdamJune 16, 2021 (planned)
(3)Date of Business LaunchAugust 2021 (planned)

■ Comments on Adam byGMO from people in various industries

Toru Kenjo, President & CEO, GENTOSHA INC.
The Internet has made the world more convenient but at the same time, it has had a negative effect, which is an oligopoly of the huge platform represented by GAFA. The world where many creators cannot get a fair consideration has continued for a while.

The solution is NFT and the blockchain technology that drives it. These technologies not only solve the problems of the publishing industry such as pirated editions and the secondary and subsequent distributions but also provide creators with an environment where works can be smoothly distributed worldwide and a new means of raising funds for creative activities called token sale.

GENTOSHA also provides overwhelming content to Adam byGMO, which aims to revolutionize the distribution of content with NFT.

We are currently preparing to release the NFT of creators such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Ryu Murakami, Maha Harada, and Akihiro Nishino on Adam byGMO.

GENTOSHA will utilize NFT to continue to lead the next publishing revolution with many creators.

Toru Kenjo, President & CEO, GENTOSHA INC.

Yasushi Akimoto
At a dinner party, I received a lecture on NFT from my friend Masatoshi Kumagai, Founder & Group CEO, GMO Internet. I felt like I saw a bright light of hope in the entertainment industry. I wondered what would happen to the entertainment industry in the future when I saw the refraining and regulation of live performances such as music and theatrical performances during the pandemic, the distribution of content through trial and error, illegal downloads, and illegal copies.

To be honest, I don't fully understand NFT. However, I believe NFT has huge potential as it uses blockchain technology to track and clarify who owns what the creators have created.

I still have a lot to learn about NFT. Now that I have a reliable consultant called Adam byGMO, I will pioneer a new digital age.

I look forward to witnessing the moment when the entertainment industry changes.

Yasushi Akimoto

We are pleased to be able to collaborate - for the first time since EDC Japan - with GMO, which is a leading company in each business area that is indispensable for IT, finance, blockchain, and NFT. We would like to not only introduce NFT to our live performances and video contents including Summer Sonic but also explore the possibility of new ticket sales using NFT at festivals and live performances and the provision of new experiences to visitors.


Tsuyoshi Komachi, President & CEO, Raysum Co., Ltd.
Raysum launched on April 28, 2021, a Bitcoin real estate under the "Crypto Residence" for an expensive rental property in the luxury residential area Shirogane Chojamaru, and it is currently preparing to buy and sell real estate in cryptocurrency.

We regard GMO Adam's NFT business as one of the means that can secure the value unique to real estate, and we are very much looking forward to participating in this NFT business.

Tsuyoshi Komachi, President & CEO, Raysum Co., Ltd.

Miyuki Yama, Cartoonist
To be honest, I still have a lot to learn about NFT but I'm excited because it's new and innovative.

I hope that Adam byGMO will become a new means of generating profit for creators such as cartoonists and illustrators, and will help them create better works.

Miyuki Yama, Cartoonist

Renu Hoshiakari, Illustrator & Writer
I am very much looking forward to NFT as a technology with great potential to create new value for creators.

The value of the work I have drawn is proved properly, and the value is returned to the creators in a new way.

By linking NFTs to works, digital works are granted uniqueness, and therefore unique value.

I am very much looking forward to having more people come into contact with the works of various creators in a new form called NFT through Adam byGMO, which handles NFT content full of such possibilities.

Renu Hoshiakari, Illustrator & Writer

Takehito Kaneko, Chairman, GMO Aozora Net Bank, Inc.
NFTs not only add values to digital contents and data itself but also make it easy to track and verify the authenticity of those assets.
I believe the world created by Adam byGMO adds trust to the distribution of these contents and data and supports the creators who create wonderful works.
We at GMO Aozora Net Bank also support Adam byGMO as a challenger bank that provides customers with five values: safety, speed, cheapness, convenience, and new experience. We will consider using digital tokens, including NFTs, in the financial service domain to support small-sized businesses, startups, and the self-employed who are our customers, and will strive to create new value.

Takehito Kaneko, Chairman, GMO Aozora Net Bank, Inc.

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