June 21, 2019

GMO Research creates Student Internship Program with the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras

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Tokyo, Japan– June 21, 2019 –GMO Research, Inc. (https://gmo-research.jp/ ) is an Internet research company under the greater GMO Internet Group. On June 17, 2019, the company came to the formal agreement with the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras (IIT Madras) to accept its students as interns. IIT Madras is an institution that specializes in engineering, science and technology.

Background of agreement with the IIT Madras

This is now the second overseas university to have begun internship programs with GMO Research, the first being the Thunderbird School of Global Management in the United States.

As a company focused on internet research in an international context, GMO Research formed this partnership with IIT Madras in hopes to train system engineers capable of leading the field on a global stage. The more diversity in experiences and backgrounds that we bring into our offices, the greater the opportunity to explore and rethink Internet research's infrastructure.

Shinichi Hosokawa, GMO Research's Chief Executive Officer states that "As GMO Research expands further into international Internet Research markets, it has never been more necessary for the company to acquire globally competent employees. In order to properly foster a global mindset within the company, we have created these internship programs to incorporate this way of thinking into the different stages of our work flow. IIT Madras as well as the Thunderbird School of Global Management are the first to partake in GMO Research's journey to increasing their presence in the global Internet Research industry. These programs will act as the second flow of global input into our work place, the first being our overseas offices. We believe that although the interns alone will bring a difference through their ideas and expertise, the dynamic interactions between our domestic offices, international offices and the program participants could be extremely fruitful."

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About the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Located in one of the largest cities in the world, Chennai (formerly known as Madras), IIT Madras was officially founded in 1959. First beginning in 1956, the university was created to teach engineering at the higher education level. For the past four consecutive years, IIT Madras remains the number one engineering school in the country and in general, still one of the top universities. (※1)

Its supply of high-level research is renowned around the world and has attracted global attention for its constant pursuit of the best in engineering. The quality of intelligence they attract, and foster is only matched by the quality of research they produce.

(※1)Ministry of Human Resource Development Government of India 「National Institutional Ranking Framework」URL:https://www.nirfindia.org/Home#

About GMO Research, Inc.

Following the corporate philosophy, "Engaging people around the world", GMO Research is one of the leaders in APAC country-focused market research. Using the solution platform, the "Asia Cloud Panel" (survey panelists across APAC countries connected through a cloud system), the company provides businesses access to over 26.5 million consumers (as of June 21, 2019) in over 14 APAC countries and regions through online surveying.

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