July 2, 2018

GMO Internet Launches Mining Machine GMO miner B3 With a Maximum Hash Power of 33 TH/s: Customers can maximize hash power and power consumption in their environment

  • GMO Internet, Inc.

Tokyo, Japan – July 2, 2018 – GMO Internet Group (https://www.gmo.jp/en/ ) released the self-developed high-performance cryptocurrency mining computer (mining machine) GMO miner B3 today (Monday, July 2, 2018).
The major characteristics of GMO miner B3 are that it has the maximum hash power of 33 TH/s*1 as well as can adjust the hash power optimally up to 33TH/s depending on the mining environment and global hash rate*2. The sales price of July is 1,999 dollars and it is to be shipped in November.

(*1) It can make up to 33 trillion hash calculations per second.
(*2) The total hash rate of the world of cryptocurrencies subject to mining (bitcoin/bitcoin cash).

Feature 1: The maximum hash power is 33TH/s

 The maximum hash power of one unit of GMO miner B3 is 33TH/s, which is much better than our existing products.

Feature 2: The initial sales price is 1,999 US dollars

 The sales price of July 2018 is 1,999US dollars as with GMO miner B2. GMO miner B2 was released on June 6, 2018, and sold out. For its customers, we shall upgrade it to GMO miner B3 for free if requested.


Feature 3: Newly implemented a function to set the optimal hash power and power consumption depending on the environment

 While we were selling GMO miner B2, several customers have requested a function to adjust the hash power. Therefore, we accelerated the planned development of "hash power optimization function," which can set the optimal hash power and power consumption, and implemented it in GMO miner B3.

 This function has "automatic mode" and "manual mode" and automatically adjusts the hash power optimally up to 33TH/s in accordance with the electricity cost, which varies depending on the mining environment, and changes in the indicators such as the global hash rate in the automatic mode. This enables to improve the efficiency of mining.

 The power consumption at 33TH/s (the maximum output) is 3,417W per unit (103W per 1 TH/s) and decreases depending on the hash power. It is also possible to operate at 1,950W per unit (81W per 1 TH/s) as with GMO miner B2.

Feature 4: The world’s first cutting-edge mining ASIC of 7nm process "GMO 72b" is used

 GMO miner B3 used the mining ASIC of the 7nm process GMO72b, which was self-developed and mass-produced first in the world, as with GMO miner B2. GMO72b supports cryptocurrency mining of SHA256 and can execute mining of bitcoin and bitcoin cash.

Feature 5: Abundant additional services including daisy chain connection of up to 32 units

 It adheres to all of the additional services implemented in GMO miner B2 such as daisy chain connection of up to 32 units, an online update of software, and online monitoring of the operation status.

Additional features of GMO miner series

- Power supply unit (PSU)

 * Voltage requirements: 200 V (100-240 V; tentative)

- Supports online update of software

- Online monitoring of mining operations (with API)

- Supports online detection as an anti-theft measure

- Automated temperature sensors

 * Adjust hash rate automatically if the abnormal temperature is detected to prevent the machine from overheating

- Customers are able to join the mining pool “GMO POOL” (no initial cost; fee is yet to be decided)

- 180-day guarantee period (customers will have to pay for the repair after the warranty is expired)

 【“GMO miner B3” Sales Overview】

”GMO miner B3” will be sold through the website.

Product Name

GMO miner B3

Launch Date

2ndJuly, 2018 (Monday)

Shipping Date

Shipping in sequence from the end of November, 2018.

Sales Method

・Sales through website

・Accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, US dollars for payment


”GMO-Z.com Switzerland AG”

Website URL



【Reference: Comparison between ”GMO miner B2” and “GMO miner B3】

Product Name

GMO miner B2

GMO miner B3


Mining ASIC GMO 72b

Mining ASIC GMO 72b




(per unit)


~33TH/s (MAX) [New]

※Automatic/Manual settings are available

Daisy Chain

Compatible for MAX 32 units

Power Consumption

1,950w/1 unit

(81W per 1TH/s)


(103W per 1TH/s when MAX output )

Electricity Unit


2 Electricity Units planned in 1 Set

(specs TBD)

Sizes of Machine(mm)

W136 x D355 x H163(planned)

W136 x D430 x H163(planned)

Weight of Machine


5.0kg (planned)

Other Special Functions

・Online update

・Surveillance API

・Operation detection(Anti-theft measures)

・Temperature sensor

・Online update

・Surveillance API

・Operation detection(Anti-theft measures)

・Temperature sensor

Hash Power Optimization[New]

 [Auto Mode/Auto Mode Off(Manual)]

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