December 12, 2017

GMO Internet Group’s Partners Can Receive Part of Their Salaries in Bitcoin

  • GMO Internet, Inc.

Tokyo, Japan – December 12, 2017 – GMO Internet Group ( ) has officially decided that its employees (“partners”) can receive part of their salaries in Bitcoin with an aim to promote the spread and development of cryptocurrencies.
This plan enables over 4,000 partners in Japan to receive part of their salaries in Bitcoin. A given amount is deducted from their salaries to buy Bitcoin, which the partners will receive. GMO Internet will introduce this plan in February 2018 (to be paid in March) first and it will expand to other group companies in the future.


The spread of Internet has changed society through eliminating “information” boundaries. Cryptocurrency is recently drawing attention as it is likely to change particular aspects of society, such as finance and economy, through eliminating the boundary related to money (finance).

This year GMO Internet Group has been putting effort into cryptocurrency business, including the launch of cryptocurrency trading and cryptocurrency FX in May 2017. In September, we have announced the entry into Bitcoin mining business by leveraging our technological strength and accumulated know-how on Internet infrastructure, for which retail sales are number one domestically, and financial services, which have No. 1 FX trading volume worldwide. GMO Internet Group is currently preparing for the launch of a Bitcoin mining business in January 2018.

We believe that what is vital for expansion of our cryptocurrency business is for our partners to be exposed to cryptocurrency and improve their cryptocurrency literacy.

Therefore, GMO Internet Group has decided to introduce this plan, which enables our partners in Japan to receive part of their salaries in Bitcoin, to encourage them to hold cryptocurrencies.

<Designing of the new plan (proposal)>

■Allow partners to receive part of their salaries in Bitcoin upon receipt of applications
・Partners who have made applications will be able to buy JPY 10,000-100,000 worth of Bitcoin (in units of JPY 10,000).
・The above amount is deducted from their salaries to buy Bitcoins.
・The partners who have opened accounts on GMO Coin* will receive purchased Bitcoin on payday.
・The partners will be paid an allowance as an incentive, which is 10% of the above amount.

Please note that GMO Internet is currently considering the exchange rate at which Bitcoin will be paid to the partners.

*GMO Coin is a cryptocurrency trading and cryptocurrency FX services managed by GMO Coin, Inc. ( ).

GMO Internet Group will contribute to development of cryptocurrencies globally by promoting cryptocurrency in the group.

GMO Internet Group

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