October 19, 2017

GMO Internet Group and Aozora Bank Group Decide to Launch a New Internet Bank “GMO Aozora Net Bank” In July 2018

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Tokyo, Japan – October 19, 2017 - GMO Internet (https://www.gmo.jp/en/ ) announces that Aozora Trust Bank has resolved at an Aozora Trust Bank extraordinary shareholders meeting held today to change its company name to GMO Aozora Net Bank. GMO Internet and GMO Financial Holdings* are currently preparing for the launch of Internet banking business in collaboration with Aozora Bank and Aozora Tust bank.

In addition, Aozora Trust Bank has resolved at a Board of Directors meeting held on the above date that the date of launch of Internet banking business will be July 2018 (plan).

*Formerly GMO CLICK Holdings. It changed its name on October 1, 2017.

【Aozora Trust Bank changes its company name to GMO Aozora Net Bank】

GMO Internet Group and Aozora Bank Group have been preparing for the launch of a next-generation Internet bank with Aozora Trust Bank as a platform since July 2016 with an aim to provide new financial services through the integration of finance and information technology, responding to the further development of IT and changes in the users’ actions by leveraging the expertise of the respective Groups.

Aozora Trust Bank has officially decided to change its name, pending approval by the regulatory authority, to highlight that it will provide “Convenient web-based financial services to customers through tie-ups between a bank and an IT corporation,” looking toward the launch of Internet banking services in July 2018. The new name will be effective from June 2018 before launching the Internet business the following month.

For trust business, which is an existing business of Aozora Trust Bank, the company will continue to offer services similar to traditional ones.

New Company NameGMO Aozora Net Bank (currently, Aozora Trust Bank)
Effective Date of Change of Company NameJune 2018 (plan)
Date of Launch of Internet Banking BusinessJuly 2018 (plan)

【Internet banking business】

Under Aozora Trust Bank’s corporate vision of “Customer first at any time to become the number-one technology bank,” Internet banking services, which will be launched in July 2018, will offer services by utilizing the strengths of GMO Internet Group and Aozora Bank Group. It will provide convenient services at a low cost to corporate and retail customers of GMO Internet Group, which include products developed with partner securities firms and those tailored for ecommerce businesses, based on core banking services such as deposit and exchange.

It plans to promote open banking strategy, which focuses on developing a platform for financial services by utilizing Open API and forming alliances with FinTech firms, through partnering with various web services, with an aim to become the number-one technology bank. It will develop innovative services quickly for a low cost to meet the needs of customers through system development mainly in the area of in-house development of services by utilizing GMO Internet Group’s technological strengths. With the management expertise of Aozora Bank Group, the company aims to become the number-one technology bank to provide fast, safe, new, easy-to-use, and cheap services to all customers.

【GMO Internet Group’s finance related endeavors】

GMO Internet Group, which comprehensively develops Internet business, has recently expanded into the Internet Finance segment. It is actively putting effort into new business lines in addition to existing businesses with GMO Financial Holdings, such as preparing for the launch of a next-generation Internet bank and cryptocurrency exchange business. GMO Financial Holdings will accelerate new businesses in the Internet Finance segment through reallocation and optimization of engineer resources who have the expertise and the technological strength the company has cultivated until now through developing and offering financial services.

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