May 31, 2017 Coin Launches Coin byGMO, Enabling Virtual Currency FX and Virtual Currency Trading

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Tokyo, Japan – May 31, 2017 – Coin ( ) will today launch its new service Coin byGMO ( Coin), which enables virtual currency FX and virtual currency trading. Customers can use Coin on both computers and smartphones.

▲Smartphone screenshots of Coin. Left: Main screen. Right: Virtual currency FX. Coin offers two types of services - virtual currency FX, which is an over-the-counter (OTC) bitcoin margin trading, and virtual currency trading, which enables buying and selling of virtual currency in JPY – in addition to basic features allowing customers to send and receive bitcoins.

Virtual currency FX transactions have both bid (Bid) and asked (Ask) prices displayed simultaneously (two-way price quotation) and customers used to conventional FX trading (OTC FX transactions) will find the interface familiar. The maximum amount of leverage enabled will be set at 25:1 (generally 5:1).

Virtual currency trading is a spot trading and a customer who wants to buy bitcoin can easily use it. In addition to using purchased virtual currency for payment, customers can send it from Coin wallet to other wallets.

■ Coin – service line-up (two types)

I. Virtual currency FX: over-the-counter (OTC) bitcoin margin trading
 Virtual currency FX is similar to FX (an OTC FX transaction) in that it enables trading using leverage.
 1. Direct transaction with both bid (Bid) and asked (Ask) prices displayed simultaneously (two-way price quotation).
 2. Enables trading with a maximum leverage of 25:1 (generally 5:1).
 3. Choose between market, limit, stop, IFD, OCO, and IFD-OCO orders.
 4. Dedicated smartphone application is also available (plan).
 5. Available 24 hours a day, every day, including weekends and national holidays.
II. Virtual currency trading: easily buy and sell virtual currency in JPY
 Virtual currency trading enables the buying and selling of virtual currency in JPY. Only bitcoin is available initially but the types of virtual currency will expand in the future.
 1. Available virtual currency: bitcoin.
 2. Available 24 hours a day, every day.
 3. No trading commissions.
 4. No bitcoin withdrawal fees.

■A safe and secure system for trading virtual currency Coin utilizes systems that comply with various laws and regulations, including an ID verification system, as they aim to offer a safe service for both current and future traders of virtual currencies.

In addition to segregating the assets that Coin keeps for customers, Coin has a security system as a virtual currency antitheft measure, adopting offline storage by cold storage, which is separated from the Internet, and multi-signature (multiple signature), which requires multiple keys to move the funds. Coin is preparing not only inquiry form on the website but also call center and live chat as a customer support.

■Opening a Coin account

ServicesVirtual currency FX and virtual currency trading
How to open a new account・Open an account by clicking “Open account” on Coin’s website.
・ Coin will send email to the ones who made priority applications. Open an account by clicking the URL in the email.

Ethereum and other types of virtual currency, in addition to bitcoin, will be available in the future. Coin will continue to develop various tools, including trading app and charts, and expand service features, promoting Coin.

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