February 13, 2007

Giving Children the Chance to Read a Good Book
Your clicks purchase books! Books valued at ¥1 million to be given away.

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Tokyo – February 13, 2007 -- GMO Internet Group company JWord, the company that operates the Japanese keyword search service of the same name, today launched a community service project that will present books to elementary schools across the country in an effort to encourage children to read. The project is being supported by a book reading program that involves 9 million children.

Give Children the Chance to Read a Good Book

The project will begin with regular Internet users voting for the book they would like children to read from a list of 50 titles pre-selected by JWord. JWord will then purchase books based on voting results and present them to five elementary schools. Voting is absolutely free.
This will be an ongoing project. In this first round JWord will purchase one million yen worth of books regardless of how many users vote. However from the second round the value of books sent to schools will depend on the number of votes (clicks) received.
We are also now seeking applications from elementary schools that would like to receive books. Elementary schools that would like to receive books should go to the official program site and apply under the school principal’s name. We have divided Japan into five areas and will present books to one school in each area.
Project Name
Give Children the Chance to Read a Good Book
A community service project that aims to support children's development by encouraging them to read and giving them the opportunity to read a variety of books. 
Project Term
The first round of voting is scheduled to run from February 13 – 28, 2007.
* Please see the official project web site for future dates.
Total Value of Books to be Distributed
The first round of books will be worth ¥1 million.
* After the first round the total value of books presented will be determined by the number of votes (clicks) received.
1. JWord pre-selects 50 titles from which Internet users can vote for the book they would like children to read.
2. The quantity of each book to be purchased is determined according to voting results.
3. The books are purchased using funds provided by JWord.
4. While web voting is taking place, applications from schools who would like to receive books are accepted. 
5. JWord decides which schools will receive books in conjunction with the book program supporting the project, Morning Reading Program.
6. Books are presented to five elementary schools. One from each of the following areas.
 (1) Hokkaido / Tohoku (2) Kanto / Shinetsu / Hokuriku (3) Tokai / Kinki  (4) Chugoku / Shikoku (5) Kyushu / Okinawa
6. Report is posted on the official program website.
*In this round applications are restricted to schools that have Windows Internet Explorer 5 with JavaScript enabled. Thank you for your understanding.
Morning Reading Program
The morning reading program was first proposed by a girl’s high school in Chiba-ken in 1988 and has grown to become an activity in which over 9 million students participate. The four principles of the program are, read everyday, read together, read the books you like and just read. Details of the program are available on the morning reading program official website.
JWord Inc. receives funding from GMO Internet and Yahoo Japan Corporation. JWord is a simple and convenient Internet search service through which users can conduct searches by entering a company name, product name or other word directly into the address bar of their browser in Japanese. Over 39 million users have installed the JWord (our own estimates 2007/1/31) plug in on over half of all computers in Japan.
JWord also has partnerships with a number of major portal sites including Yahoo! JAPAN, BIGLOBE, Excite and @nifty. 
Easy to read symbols like the red J symbol displayed in the search results make it easy for users to access official sites and information related to their search term. JWord is currently used by over 76%* of all search engine users in Japan (including portal networks). *Source: Household access in November 2006, NetView AMS JP, Nielsen/NetRatings  
JWord Inc.
JWord Inc. receives funding from GMO Internet and Yahoo Japan Corporation. It provides the JWord service, a simple and convenient Internet search service that allows users to conduct a search by entering a company name, product name or other word in Japanese directly into their browser’s address bar.

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Official Site: http://www.jword.jp/campaign/honpre/                                                             
Morning Reading Program:
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