February 13, 2023

Notice of Retirement of Treasury Share

  • GMO Internet Group, Inc.

Stock repurchases resolved by the board of directors of GMO Internet Group, Inc. (the “Company”) at the meeting held on February 10, 2022, have been completed, as announced in “Announcement Regarding the Completion of the Share Repurchase Program,” dated February 13, 2023. The Company announces the resolution made at a board of directors meeting held today to retire treasury shares - out of which approximately JPY 1.5 billion is about 11.4% (=50-38.6; the Company aims to return 50% of profits to shareholders, and the dividend payout ratio is a minimum of 33%) of consolidated net profit for the fiscal year 2022 - pursuant to Article 178 of the Companies Act.

Please refer to the material below for more details.