January 11, 2019

GMO Internet Selected an Excellent Website in "Website Adequacy Rankings" by Nikko Investor Relations

  • GMO Internet, Inc.
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Nikko Investor Relations researched the websites of 3,785 listed companies in Japan in "Website Adequacy Rankings 2018." Based on their 163 objective assessment items, they researched whether a given website had enough elements for shareholders, investors, consumers, business partners, job hunters, and stakeholders of a given company to obtain information and figure out the business situation, from 3 perspectives, which were comprehensibility, usability, and information abundance.

GMO Internet was one of the 158 companies that had excellent websites.

GMO Internet will endeavor to further improve the company’s website in the future, create better contents, and provide information aggressively so that our stakeholders will better understand the company's business situation.

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